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On Friendship. Or, You missed me!

There’s this saying in English that goes something like, “You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.”  Chris never particularly liked it – he’s always like, “Look, here’s the cake, and I’m eating it, so I’ve had it and I’m eating it!” and I’m like, “But you don’t have it anymore…” and he’s like, “But I had it,” and I’m like, “Yeah – you don’t get this expression, do you?”

I, on the other hand, have always really clung to it as one of the few really and truly grown-up things I get.  I don’t, for the record, stand by or even too closely to such classics as, “That’s just the way things are,” or, “Life isn’t fair.”  Those are dumb.  But the cake thing I get.

So it goes:  living abroad has its many wonderful qualities, but there are lots of things one loses in the decision.  I do love the oomph it gives to living: learning new customs, hearing a different language, learning that language, learning that the customs make a lot more sense when one has the language, etc.  There’s also the different food, architecture, weather, currency, music, and just general way of going about life.  And while it can be a bit tiresome after a while, I’m so unaccustomed to the norms of my place of origin by now (it’s been a few years, after all), I think I’ve become more accustomed to the not-knowing.  On the other hand, particularly in my late-early thirties, particularly in a place where my native language is not widely spoken, making new friends has become a right pain in the arse.  So much so, I haven’t really done it for a number of years.

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Thank you, sir, for the greatest book of my childhood.

I have read this book a thousand times.  I think I might have gifted it to beloved children at least as many.  It captured all of the darkness and fear only children – and adults in those precious moments when they most truly remember their childhood – understand. It took all our wishes and turned them on their heads.  I never remember thinking the images were bizarre…they seemed perfectly familiar as far back as I can recall, and maybe that was because Mr. Sendak saw right into the minds of children everywhere.  Incidentally, the movie was as close to perfect as it could have been.  I don’t know a whole lot more about Maurice Sendak, but I know he was vehemently opposed to lying to children and has been quoted as having said so.  Hearing of his death brought tears to my eyes, because that is, to me, the most important honesty there is.  I have bought this book many times and will buy it many times still, but I will do so now knowing its wonderful creator is gone.  Goodbye to yet another childhood hero.  Nothing gold can stay.

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Goodbye and good luck, Adam.

In my youth I was a bit of a pain in the arse.  In point of fact, when I look back upon the teenager I once was, I’m often secretly relieved about our decision not to have children.  But of all the bad things I (n)ever did, listening to the Beastie Boys was never one of them.  The Beastie Boys somehow managed to be the biggest bad asses any of us knew of, while never hurting anybody.  They are politically active without pissing people off.  They are spiritually active without annoying anybody.  I never knew reading about Adam’s death would affect me so much – probably something to do with how very young he was, or how very old it makes me feel knowing he’s gone.  No clue what’ll happen next with the Beastie Boys, but it’ll never be the same…thanks for the trip Adam – you’ll never know the good times we had together.  Click here and enjoy.

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Look out, Modern Medicine.

This past Sunday afternoon Chris decided to go for a run, while I decided to do some yoga (nowhere near fit enough to do both in one day…one must choose).  We happened to forget that on Sundays the front door to our apartment building is locked, so we have to use a key to get in.  Since Chris forgot his, he simply buzzed – no biggie.  Thing is, our buzzer is très forte, and I was in Marichyasana C:

I look nothing like this when I do it.

The end result was that I kinda jumped – a teensy little jump – and about 24 hours later I was virtually immobile.  I’d thrown out my back, and it took the whole night and most of the following day to figure it out, but when it hit me, I knew what had happened.  The pain was awful – from the bottom of my left thigh right up into my neck.  Perhaps most annoyingly, I absolutely could not make it to my French class, which is, as I’ve mentioned previously, obligatoire.  So I had to get a doctor’s note.  But there was no point, really, in going to a doctor, because they would just refer me to an osteopath.  So we skipped ahead and went straight there.

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