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What’s on your plate special edition: what’s in your cup?

It’s just past 9:00pm, and C’s sat across from me enjoying a cup of herbal tea (or an infusion, as the British and French more correctly call it) something that’s been an evening ritual of ours for some time now.  Except I’m not indulging.  This is not, as you may suspect, because C is mean and didn’t make me one.  It is instead because I get a bizarre case of heartburn if I drink anything hot at night, even those herbs specifically known for their antacid properties.

Drinking is such an important aspect of wellbeing.  I could go on for days about this one…how drinking what’s good for me has helped so much, while how drinking too much of what’s not has hurt me and those I love.  Yes, I do refer to alcohol here, but also caffeine and sugar.  While they don’t intoxicate, they do contribute either to our health or our lack of it, and I’m a huge proponent of all three chemicals!  In moderation, mind…

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