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Bread alone.

I love markets.  Boy.  I love markets.  I loved our market in Brixton (though it’s changed something awful now), and I loved our market in Cagayan, particularly once I’d learned to navigate it properly.  Enter here, it’s stinky hanging meat everywhere – blech (snobby vegan priviledge…I can turn my nose up at stinky meat), enter there it’s the too-quiet dry goods corner, ergo lots of people chit-chatting away right up to the point that those two really tall Americans (because Chris was always American to them…poor guy) walk up and then it’s stare-central and a couple of, ‘You’re so height, man!’  Nope, it had to be entry number 3 – eggs and fruits, and a ninja-like entry, speedy as I could walk, smile here, nod there, and off to the vendors with whom we most liked doing business.

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Bread amateur

So, being a life long bread fanatic (some people would say connoisseur)…and repeatedly showing off to my girlfriend by claiming I can tell which bread is  good by simply glancing nonchalantly at it… and after having watched my father build a wood fire oven and bake bread for nearly two decades… I finally tried my luck at baking some bread. Rather than starting with something simple, I went straight for the major league and decided to bake some ciabatta…

Thanks BBC for the recipe. Not sure I had the right kind of flour, but it turned out all right in the end. Maybe this is the beginning of a life long bread baking odyssey during which, one day, I’ll hopefully get to bake in that wood fire oven while my father is watching.

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