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What’s on your plate special edition: what’s in your cup?

It’s just past 9:00pm, and C’s sat across from me enjoying a cup of herbal tea (or an infusion, as the British and French more correctly call it) something that’s been an evening ritual of ours for some time now.  Except I’m not indulging.  This is not, as you may suspect, because C is mean and didn’t make me one.  It is instead because I get a bizarre case of heartburn if I drink anything hot at night, even those herbs specifically known for their antacid properties.

Drinking is such an important aspect of wellbeing.  I could go on for days about this one…how drinking what’s good for me has helped so much, while how drinking too much of what’s not has hurt me and those I love.  Yes, I do refer to alcohol here, but also caffeine and sugar.  While they don’t intoxicate, they do contribute either to our health or our lack of it, and I’m a huge proponent of all three chemicals!  In moderation, mind…

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u.s. road trip…day 3

after our elk photo adventure, we had plenty of driving to do, and wanted to get to sarah and andrew’s as early as possible (more explanation below).  so we left pretty early, and at chris’ request, we stayed on the 101 about 75% of the northward journey, against the advice of our gps.  this added about 3 1/2 – 4 hours onto the journey.*  but the visuals were so worth it.  the coastline of the west just baffles me each time i see it.  this part of oregon is stunning – rolling dunes on the beaches, lots of colorful flora, and those beautiful cliffs again.  some of the rock formations extending beyond the shoreline, or past the edges of cliffs, are as magnificent and humbling as any mountain.  and, as would be expected, the small towns we passed through all proudly provided three or four coffee shops, just on the 101.  coffee has, however, gotten a lot pricier since i was last stateside!  $9 we paid for a mocha and a soy latte!  wowzah!

headed east just about level with eugene, and then went north-east to sweethome, home to sarah and andrew’s amazing farm.  sarah and andrew have been involved in all things agricultural for ages, and have worked all over the world, from cambodia and laos, to just about every country in europe.  the latter experience was to do with their still-current focus on seed preservation.  for those of you who know as little about this as i did when they first began the Seed Ambassadors project, check out the site.  it’s really interesting.  but suffice it to say that we are losing food diversity due to massive corporations mass producing only key fruits and veg, so that all we see in a grocery store are two or three types of tomatoes, for example.  this year, on sarah and andrew’s farm, they cultivated seeds for 60 tomato species, and i would comfortably bet that 98% of the people reading this (sarah and andrew excluded) have never heard of them.  they’re also interested in helping people diversify the food they eat by figuring out what does well in one climate, and offering that to like climates elsewhere.  at any rate, it’s all far more complicated and interesting than i’m making it sound, so check out their website.  and order some seeds!

so on this day three, we settled in at sarah and andrew’s farm…andrew was away picking up a colleague who would spend the night as well – when they returned we sat round the table to a lovely meal and went to bed.


*chris does not agree with this time estimate.  by his calculations, we were about 30-45 minutes behind schedule.  but then that’s what happens when you wait so long to tell a freaking story.

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