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Take it all off.

You may have noticed things have changed around here.  We decided to make a change…a little simpler, a little sexier…we’ve gone minimal.

The thing is, nobody really seemed to notice the last time we shook things up.

Ann:  (flustered) Why isn’t anybody commenting on our new theme???

Chris:  Dunno.

And I do not, I’ll have you know, go and get a nice new haircut just so I can stare in the mirror.  I am a fisher of compliments.

Ann:  Do you think they don’t like it?  Maybe it’s too close to the old one!  I mean, we put up a completely different picture, for crying out loud!

Chris:  Yeah…not sure.

Or suggestions, ideas, even a lovingly delivered critique.

Ann:  That’s got to be it.  They just haven’t noticed.  Do you think we should change it again?  But it took so long!  No, let’s leave it as-is.

Chris:  OK.

Chris – well, he’s a little more laid back than all that.  But, being that he’s all into design and packaging and what-have-you, I think it might be that he’s just supressing his true feelings on the matter.

Or not.

Do share your thoughts!  Don’t be mean!

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It’s the little things.

Probably one of the hardest parts of life in London for me was the difficulty I had in differentiating between what were cultural differences, and just my own stubbornness/bad attitude/personal issues. It feels hard to articulate now, but at the time it was impossible.  I was dealing with the pressure of being a new grad in a completely new profession, with with a less-than-zero understanding of the way that field worked in my own country, let alone in a new one.  I didn’t even have a clue how finding a job worked generally in England.  I had just moved from one of the sunniest places in the world – Southern California – to one of the greyest – London.  I had a partner but no other friends, a goal but no idea how to reach it, and a lot of natural-born impatience with which to contend every day.  The fact that everyone spoke my language (although that’s debatable in itself, and many of my Brit friends would concur) and none of the food was that surprising (and therein lay the trouble!) made me feel like there was no culture shift I had the right to be shocked about.

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