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Halloween, how I’ve missed you…

My post this week on elephant is a shout-out to ghosts and goblins everywhere…this is most definitely the time of year I get nostalgic and homesick…

Have a read here if you like, and thanks for reading me, y’all!


Halloween then:

tyler, meet marla…

And now (ish…like 2 years ago)…

the untold affair between mrs. roper and columbo…

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Boo to being sick.

But hooray for Andrea Gibson!

Posted a vid of hers on elephant journal this week in lieu of an actual article.

As well as a rant about how much I hate being sick.

Even if I’m not on top form, she certainly is, traipsing around the country and whatnot.  Have a look here, and let me know if she moves you like she moves me.

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A shout out to Senator Ted Lieu and Governor Jerry Brown

This week on elephant journal I’ve written about wrongs being righted…some geographically far away, but all near and dear to my heart.  At the center of all of it is Senate Bill 1172, which officially makes treating children to “cure” them of their homosexuality illegal in California, effective January 2013.

Have a read here, and let me know your thoughts!

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