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Weight loss hygiene part I: Fat talking

In management jargon, as I’m sure lots of you know, there are outputs (i.e., you make money, or don’t; you get the contract signed, or don’t) and then there are hygiene issues.  Hygiene issues are essentially things that don’t directly affect your outputs, but it’s a really good idea to pay attention to them nevertheless.  An example of a hygiene issue is salary.  I’m pretty sure everybody alive wants a job they enjoy that pays well.  It turns out that pay, however, becomes a “hygiene issue” when job satisfaction is in place.  That is, if you enjoy your job, you prefer to be well-paid, but if you aren’t, it’s not necessarily a deal-breaker for you.  Just because something’s a hygiene issue doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect your bottom line:  start paying good people bunk wages and see how fast they fly out the door.

And so we have the evil that is fat talking.  I’m gonna get a little confessional on your asses.  I went through my fair share of bullying as a too-tall, overweight and extremely awkward kid in a Catholic school.  Even that three-letter word makes me cringe a little.  Absolutely sucked to be a teenager in the 90s when people started spelling it with a ph and using it as a synonym for awesome.  Still, I can’t think of a better term for the terrible habit about which I speak than fat-talking, because it renders all the nasty, ugly associations I have when I hear the word “fat”.  Incidentally, the ugliness of which I speak is the hurtful bullying children (and even sometimes adults, albeit in covert ways) are capable of unloading on one one another.

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