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Apparently I’m staying.

Day before yesterday, Chris ran to the local tabac (offy / liquor store – sans liquor) to spend a whole bunch of money to buy these little tiny pieces of paper that quite closely resembled a mix between stamps and monopoly money.  On each of those little pieces of paper was a unit of money:  1€, 8€, 50€.  This mysterious task was required in order for our subsequent trip, yesterday, to the prefecture, which is the same word in English and therefore not really necessary to italicize.  But whatever.  I do because I can.  I hope you read it with the appropriate pronunciation.  Moving right along…that trip to the aforementioned prefecture was to pick up my carte de sejour, or card of stay, more appropriately translated as “staying card,” or for you boring folks out there who like to keep it simple, my visa, for which they only accept the aforementioned monopoly-stamp-money .

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Head Above Water, Eyes on the Prize

There are a number of good reasons I have embarked upon this completely new career – if you’ll allow me to call it that even in its pathetically fledgling state.  I (and Chris) wanted to be able to work wherever I lived, and I wanted where I lived to be truly a question of want.  I wanted a deeply felt freedom of movement to accompany any decision we might make to lay down roots.  I wanted to reconnect with words; for the first two thirds of my life I thought I’d die if I stopped laying them down, wherever I could sometimes – even on the cliché fast food napkin stuffed in my back pocket, already scribbled upon once, as I sat in a bus overcome by peculiar details on a day’s journey to my job in the mall.  After too many papers at university, or maybe too much paperwork in the office, the drive to write left me…or perhaps I gave in too easily.  Whatever the case, I lost the habit for years.  Many of those years were psychically difficult to say the least – I hoped picking it back up might address some of that. But once we decided to move to France, I committed to the aforementioned decision ultimately because I had no choice.  My French wouldn’t get me through a shift in a bar, let alone in any kind of position that would be tenable for the longer term.

I didn’t, however, opt for this change to insert excitement into my life.  In point of fact, I was quite content with the notion that perhaps this would make for a slightly more peaceful existence, particularly when I looked back upon some of the work I’ve done over the last several years, which I may at some point find relevant to discuss in this blog.  Not yet.

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Saying “So Long”…Again.

On Friday we will leave Saint-Tropez.  I’m a bit torn about that; while I can’t wait to have the space of our flat (we’ve been living in a tiny studio) and the comfort of an office again, there are a number of things I’m going to miss a lot.  Today, for instance, we’re working outside because it’s 18°C (64°F) and there isn’t a cloud in the sky.  Conversely, it is 5°C (41°F) in Le Puy-en-Velay (as well as Zürich, for that matter).

Mouchette, the furry proprietress of the house, has been lovely, but she’s a little too neurotic for my tastes in animals (boy cats all the way!).  Still, I’ll miss her.  As I’ll miss walking along the beach and the funny man at the market who always gives us something for free.  In all honesty, I can’t see us coming back to St-Trop, unless it was to house sit again, but it’s been good to us while we were here.

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Curiouser and Curiouser…

Sometimes life is all kinds of crazy.

I used to be a nanny.  It was one of the 20 jobs I had (not exaggerating – I’ll write about that one day) while I attended university.  I loved that job, not only because I genuinely adore being around kids – particularly the cute, intelligent kind – but also because D & M became a bit like my San Diego family after a while.  I even began helping M’s grandmother – the great grandma of the kids I watched – a couple of times a week when her parents were out.  She was a joy, and when she passed away my heart broke in two.

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On Momentum

At some point in our lives, the idea that we have to give to get starts to become increasingly apparent.  The concept can concern all things:  money (spend it to make it), good/bad energy (what goes around, etc.), and physical energy are just a few examples.  However, it has to be said that when we feel like we’re rolling in something good – whether we actually are or not – it’s a lot easier to give…when we feel stripped or deprived of a needful thing, it’s a lot harder to part with it.

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Solitude, Impostor Syndrome, and Energetic Tackiness

This is officially the longest I’ve gone without human contact in – well, my whole life.  And while I would love to compare my experience to some monastic awakening, I’m pretty sure I’d have had to abstain from the copious amounts of red wine and Boardwalk Empire I’ve ingested in the space of that time to qualify for anything sublime.  OK – to be fair to me, I haven’t had that much wine…

(Seriously, HBO, what are you trying to do to me?  First The Sopranos, then The Wire, and now this?)

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