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9 Reasons why being a grown-up is awesome

1. Buying stuff before you run out

While borrowing stuff from one’s flatmates (toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper) is okay, it’s not ideal.  There’s nothing worse than the DOH! moment of realization when, toothbrush-in-hand, hair-all-wet, or – better yet – sat-upon-the-throne, one stares helplessly into the great beyond because one no longer has flatmates.  The questions that inevitably follow (Can one brush one’s teeth with mouthwash?  Can one wash one’s hair with conditioner?  Can one make it to the other room where one’s sure there are some tissues/papertowels/old newspapers?) invoke the sort of humility most commonly sought after by devout monks and penitent prisoners.  The alternative, however, is the smug feeling of knowing, as one squeezes the 5th-to-last helping of toothpaste out of the tube, that there exists one or more (2-for-1 sale!) additional tubes in the cupboard below the sink.  Aw, yeah.

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