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Tourists again…part one

So, many of you know my BFF, J, who has spent most of her life somewhere mid-flight between Ninoy Aquino and Los Angeles International Airports…OK – a bit of an exaggeration, but the truth is that my deep love for this crazy country is embedded in my deeper love for that girl, who has been my best friend, my bosom bud, my pain-in-the-ass and my confidant since the ripe old age of ten-and-a-half years old.  When I made my way to this side of the globe the last time, we were super sexy 18-year olds, and J had already found the man she would marry 12 years later.  Knowing my BFF as only a BFF can know another, and – as any of my dearest girlfriends will telly you – bearing in mind that when it comes to my girls’ men I can be as fierce as a momma lion, I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that I loved G from the moment I met him, and could think of no man who was more deserving of the second-most important woman in my life.

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