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Nearly there…

The last few weeks have been maddening.  In an attempt to get as many pennies into the coffers before we leave as possible, I took on as many students as I could, some transcription work for a friend in a doctoral program, and a rush translation job for a tourist board near here.  C and I have also been tying up all the loose ends we have here, as well as scrambling to learn as much Spanish as possible before we go.

As the weather’s gotten nicer, I’ve been stuck indoors, typing away, preparing lessons or teaching.  I haven’t been creating (and I assure you that every word I’m typing right now is like pulling water out of that proverbial stone), I haven’t done yoga, gone jogging or hiking…in fact, I haven’t gone out much at all.  C’s spent 3 out of the last four weeks away for work, and there hasn’t been time for anything…well, there has been some time, but I’m awful at taking advantage of snippets of time during the day.  I need an open horizon before I can chill.  A vacation would be nice.  But while we’ll be taking flight in the very near future, there will be no time for R&R.  But that’s okay.

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