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The Most Important Things

Obama just got re-elected.

I just had my first afternoon out (after a year!) with a new-ish lady friend, complete with swimming, shopping, a cup of coffee and tons of gossip (in French!).

Assad is refusing to leave Syria, but not before Cameron decided to let the world know that he would grant him safe passage through the UK.

My mother-in-law slipped on a teensy bit of grease she missed on Sunday 20 minutes before 18 members of the family arrived for a big lunch she’d planned…she broke her right shoulder and is virtually incapacitated and completely annoyed.

The French government is set to legalize gay marriage, and there’s all this talk now about what that will mean about gay adoption (which remains illegal for the time being).

I finally found a doctor I like here.

U.S. American politicians are finally talking seriously – if neither loudly nor often enough – about climate change.

One of my besties is preggers (after a long time wanting it).

At any given point in time, we’re part of about thirty thousand degrees of involvement within the various communities around us, and sometimes it’s damn hard to figure out which ones are the most important.

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