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i have just ended my lunch with what should be generally accepted as among nature’s greatest gifts:  a mango – mangga in visayan.  this one was as perfect as they come:  that vibrant yellow skin, a few black spots here and there, a little discoloration on one bit and a bit of a dent – not a bruise, but a dent – on another bit.  Slicing it down its middle, the faint aroma wafts up to the nostrils…yes – this is a good one!  the flesh is nearly the same color as the skin, but slightly more orange.  in fact, trying to ascertain precisely what color it was, i could only think of the crayola crayon in our huge boxes as children, in the days before they had come up with more inventive names…this color was appropriately endowed with the honest, if nothing else, name:  orange-yellow.  but the color isn’t constant – no, the center is far more orange, and it sort of fades out into a yellow more like that of the skin toward the exterior of the half…and the flavor…

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