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About the Day

The worst thing ever to blog about, I’ve been told, is one’s day-to-day: “I went to…, I saw…, etc” – this is the stuff snores are made of, although it can be quite tempting on a particularly interesting day, and I don’t think I’d be telling porkies if I said I’ve been guilty of it on a couple of occasions, particularly the more frustrating ones

This post, incidentally, is not about my day, however the word “circadian,” which will figure in more than once, quite literally is.  I mean to say, that pretty little word which I think I love because it sounds like cicada, and when I think of cicadas, I think of humid summer evenings in the Deep South or Philippine islands, is of Latin origin, and can be broken down into two parts, according to Mr. Webster:  circa, meaning about, and dies, meaning day.

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