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A completely different sort of Arsenic and Old Lace…

A long time ago, in the mid-19th Century, there was a very wealthy aristocratic family who lived in a castle just outside Le Puy-en-Velay.  The mother was very beautiful, and apparently quite adept at using that to her advantage.  She also wasn’t in the picture much, choosing to spend most of her time in Le Puy.  The daughter was somehow at once the spitting image of the mother and not pretty at all, so that the former was considered a sort of characature of the latter.  Nevertheless, when she came of age, her father was able to arrange a suitable marriage to another young aristocrat, who happened to be quite handsome to boot.

As the years progressed, the young couple learned to love one another, and together brought two sons into the world.  The girl’s father hired her husband as the manager of his estate, and all concerned were in the process of living happily ever after.  Eventually, her father died, and in his will left the entirety of his estate to his son-in-law.

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