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London Calling…I’ll get it.

It has been almost exactly two years since we left London.  Well – since Chris left London, and since Ann ran for her life.

While Chris and I are very much a unit, we are not always united.  We come from vastly different molds, he and I.  Like most moderately successful couples, we’re very much on par about the things that are important to us – the deal breakers – and we make lots of room for respecting our respective remaining and widely ranging opinions on the world around us.  London is one of those things in the world on which our opinions diverge.

Chris’ take on London falls in line with what I’ve come to accept is the reigning opinion of almost everyone alive:  London is vibrant, beautiful, electric, alive!  I don’t disagree with any of those things.  I just had a tough run…owing to me, to others, to circumstances…but mostly – as it is so often in this sometimes-humiliating life – to me.

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