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On Friendship, Part II

Confession time:  I spent many years of my life significantly hooked on socializing.  When I’d fill out one of those forms that asked what my hobbies were, I’d sincerely consider writing, “Hanging out with friends.” Never did it, but that’s really got to be my favorite thing to do.

The truth is, most of the people I grew up calling friends have long since left my life, some by chance, others by design – sometimes on my part, others on theirs, still others by mutual agreement.  I think that’s probably the case with most people.  And those who have remained in my heart have not, by and large, remained in my hometown (Anaheim, CA).  Some moved north – Ojai, Humboldt, Eugene; some went east – New Brunswick, Raleigh; while others have remained on the move, here for two years, there for three.

I’m part of that last bit, I guess, as is Chris.  Since we’ve not settled in any particular place, we’ve had the bonus of picking up friends along the way as well as the loss of saying goodbye perhaps a little more often than we’d have liked.

I almost always cry when I say goodbye.  It’s just something I’m not very good at.

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