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Ratatouille! Or, Summer’s Almost Gone…

Disclaimer:  I’m not the photographer in this family.  So most of the pictures in the following post are pretty awful.  However, I think that adds something special to the whole experience, don’t you?!

I’m a weird vegan (no – not redundant, thank you very much).  Until recently, I had a pretty hard time with quite a lot of vegetables.  Over the years, though, my tastes have changed, and I’ve learned to love lots of the ones I heretofore abhored.  But I’ve still got some quirks:

  • I love guac, but hate avocados.  So I usually mash ’em up with salt and pepper and lemon (and cilantro and hot sauce if they’re on offer), and I do just fine.
  • I love tomatoes, but not raw…unless they’re in a salsa or bruschetta (I told you I was weird).
  • I love mushrooms, but only the forest ones from France and occasionally shitake or portabello.  Not often.  And never, never button mushrooms.  Blech.
  • I only recently started tolerating eggplant (aubergine).  More on this below.

I think that’s about it.  Still, even with my disclaimers around the humble tomato, I cannot live without them.  I simply don’t know how.  I’m from SoCal.  We always had tomatoes when I was growing up, either from my mom’s vegetable patch or from the store.  But in semi-rural France, tomatoes in the winter is a very new concept, indeed, and owing to the fact that everything is labeled, we’re reminded that the tomatoes we eat in the winter are grown in industrial serres – greenhouses – mostly in Spain – and literally loaded with all sorts of not-very-nice things to make them grow when they’re really not supposed to.

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