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Step Two: Not just any list

Gosh – it wasn’t so very long ago I was feeling really rather proud of myself…I’d made all this space!  And I really had – just a few days of extra work got me well ahead of the game so that instead of feeling like I was doggy-paddling out of breath in icy cold water, I felt a bit more like somewhere in the middle of a long, challenging jog.

And then.

At the high school all the teachers have their own personal cubbyhole.  More often than not I can get updates about what the union’s got going on, which are of more or less no interest to a sub, so I use them to practice my articulation…progressives are wordy as hell.  A few weeks back, though, I happened upon a letter from the Rectorat (school district) informing me that I had training in January.

“Oh, bah!”  I moaned to a colleague. “Are we ever allowed to get out of these?  It’s on a Friday!  I teach 6 classes on Fridays!”

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the new year is upon us…

2011 already…

last year i made myself this list of resolutions that quickly became more of a booklet…i’m seriously not exaggerating when i say that there were something like 30 or 40 resolutions when all was said and done…

a friend we visited on our road trip told me that she and her partner are the type of people who are always looking for the next big thing…that they always want something bigger.  but i think a lot of us are – i’m struggling with the notion that at virtually every point in my life i’ve been waiting for the next big thing…when i’ve finished this, or when i’ve overcome that – then what?  then things will be simpler, more fulfilling, more what-they’re-supposed-to-be…or something.

and of course, as great thinkers have been telling us for centuries, this is all the biggest part of suffering!  and yet…2011 is here and i’m not sure anyone i know has truly mastered the art of being present (apologies to those of you out there who may have attained enlightenment when i wasn’t looking!).  for crying out loud – this simplest of all things is by far the most difficult thing i’ve ever attempted, if my pathetic attempts can even fall into that category…and of course, therein lies the crux… Continue reading

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