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Is this ball finally rolling?

The past week has been none-too-shabby in terms of progress.  Three of my articles have gone to print or screen, for E, The Environmental MagazineInternational Living, and Elephant Journal.  I garnered the interest of a British environmental mag in an article I’m writing about deforestation in the Southern Philippine Islands, so that should go to print soon…just as soon as it’s approved by the editor.  And I snagged my first English student!  So I’ve got an actual real-life class to teach on Wednesday.

This is all excellent news – don’t get me wrong.  But I am faced with a very real challenge now:  if I’ve proven to myself that I can do this, there’s no excuses for not...doing it.  OK, to be fair, one class with one student doesn’t mean that I can be an EFL teacher.  And getting three teensy front-of-book articles published doesn’t mean I’m headed straight for The New Yorker (dream!) but it’s most definitely a start.

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