While your heart’s still beating…

This week on elephant journal I’m shouting out to an artist I stupidly only just heard about, Candy Chang.

Hop on over and read the article I’ve written about her extraordinary project, Before I Die, that’s somehow made its way around the globe a few times before catching my attention.

(I really can be daft sometimes, can’t I?)

And do let me know your thoughts!

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0 thoughts on “While your heart’s still beating…

  1. Just read your piece… Last week, my family lost a beloved member. and by the time, all we can thought about was sadness, goodbyes, prayers and tears. I really thank you, for remember us, what ELSE means the death. It’s not only separation… In fact, it’s about looking forward together, about be inspired. Not to be afraid, but be IN hope. Thank you!!

  2. Wanderlust23 says:

    My friend sent me an article about this project and that it was coming to Toronto. The wall is finally up and many people are responding and filling in the blanks. It is like that Post Secret book that was big a few years ago. I think it is great and I would like to see it in London. Maybe it is already on the way, off to look it up.

  3. maxzografos says:

    What an inspiring way to start my day by reading this. Just shared on Twitter.. it has inspired me so much. Judging by the viewership it has inspired a quite a few others too. Well done Ann.

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