9 thoughts on homelessness

Last week it occurred to me that, although I’d spent the better part of a decade working with homeless people, and although I’m now endeavoring to rebuild my identity as a writer, I’ve never written about homelessness.  If there’s anything I might know a tiny bit of something about, it’s gotta be that, right?

Oh, but then the subject is tender, tricky, and tenuous.  How can one know, how can one properly understand this state of the most absolute poverty, that exists everywhere, that we all so complacently accept as normalcy (most often because we must!  Because what else can we do?).

At any rate, it was the subject of my last article at Elephant Journal – do have a gander if’n you fancy, and let me know what you think!

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0 thoughts on “9 thoughts on homelessness

  1. t.dot says:

    excellent excellent article, ann! bravo for telling it like it is sister! seriously. good for you! and it was no nice to SEE you lol. hugz you amazing person you 😉

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