A (really) brief history of my adulthood thus far

Almost exclusively as a result of this blog, it has become clear to me that I operate in periodic themes.  What if and why not isn’t a theme as such – it’s more of an overarching philosophy I share with Chris.  But the themes – they’re always there, sometimes obvious and glaring, other times ambiguous and cryptic. Sometimes they block my path, others they light my way.  Some examples of the themed periods of my life thus far:

Aged 21:  If you aren’t outraged, you aren’t paying attention!

Admittedly, I got this off of a bumper sticker on my friend L’s back fender in 1999.  But it rang loud and true for me then, and still does today, if in a different way.  Oh, I was angry…and as I say, I am still, but a revelation brought about by more than a few Social Science teachers helped at least give it focus…

Aged 23:  Everything exists in a context.

Notice the full stop in place of the exclamation point!  With education I was wiser, calmer. It wasn’t that so many people were assholes that got me now, but why so many people were assholes.  And that helped me to realize that at least a few of the people I’d have taken for assholes only a couple of years before were actually Potentially Good People.

Aged 25:  WTF?  Me, me, me.

Yes, that year marked my move to London, and my almost instantaneous dive into personal problem-aggrandizement.  Mr. Vonnegut would have laughed at me:  he found people’s tumbles giggle-worthy; he also thought people didn’t laugh at themselves enough.  He also thought the semicolon to be the single-most useless piece of punctuation in the English language.  Using the semicolon is how I laugh at Mr. Vonnegut in return for all the laughing I suspect he would have done had he seen me mourning my pathetic self in London.  Ting-a-ling.

(that one lasted a long time.)

Aged 30:  Get up offa that thing!  And dance till you feel better!

That was the year we decided to go abroad.  That was also the year I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself.  Sometimes we need a little incentive.

Aged 33:  Acceptance vs. aspiration

So this is me, here and now.  This is me always writing to-do lists too long to finish.  This is also me finding joy even in the littlest wins, because I know I’ve got to take what I can get. This is me viewing the world around me and trying to find that place where I’m at once working to make it better and loving it for what it is.  This is me finding beauty in the grime, problems in the perfect.

Who indeed knows what next year will bring?

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0 thoughts on “A (really) brief history of my adulthood thus far

  1. maxzografos says:

    It looks like I’m a few phases behind you on the this curve, but I can definitely relate !!

  2. ann says:

    no way – i backtrack several times a day!

  3. ronaldanne1 says:

    I think I got stuck somewhere between outrage and wtf?; I never know when to use a semicolon so I just stick them in willy nilly; I don’t think Vonnegut liked semi-anything

    • ann says:

      well, ron, to be fair that was a perfect use of the semicolon. your 7th grade english teacher would have approved. but i have to agree with that last statement…and i think that nails his semicolon hate squarely on its head. so loved your last poem…have so loved all of them. i really hope you’re considering sending some to publishers…

      • Ah my 7th grade english teacher, Ms. Raptor. Haven’t thought of her in years. I have not considered submitting my poetry…did not think it good enough but perhaps i should give it a go.

      • ann says:

        ron, i like it so much i was thinking of blogging about it. maybe i’m a crazy, uneducated fool, but i think it’s beautiful. and at least i can say for sure that in all things poetry and comedy, i’m exceptionally picky.

      • Okay, so I did it. Submitted the first 3 poems to Eclectica Ezine. Thank you for the encouragement

  4. ann says:

    oh, i can’t wait to hear what happens!!!

  5. ronaldanne1 says:


    here is a link to a talk given by Kurt Vonnegut hope you enjoy it.


    • ann says:

      ooooohhhhh….just watched the first 2 minutes of it and was rolling! honestly, will there ever be another vonnegut??? not sure i’d be happy with either answer to that question…will watch it this evening for educational purposes; i will, however, continue in my transvestite-hermaphrodite usage of the semicolon!

  6. mankscat says:

    I enjoyed reading this. I’m currently having a stick or twist moment – want to do counselling training but might have to quit steady youth work job to do it. Bitten down finger nails ahoy. I also read the smoking post which I liked, glad to hear you are still clean hehe I still do that one or two at parties thing which annoys my bf mark who is still a proper smoker..

    • ann says:

      thanks, clare! re: your stick-or-twist: operative word from my perspective there is ‘steady’ – you could effectively have your cake and take a bite if you stayed on part-time, right? sounds like win-almost-win, as opposed to the alternative lose-win scenario…as to the social smoking thing, boy – i can relate to m…in the end chris just had to stop smoking socially for me, because i couldn’t hang when he smoked – too hard.

  7. Work wouldn’t let me go part-time but are allowing me to do it so long as I still put in full-time hours and my work doesn’t slip. I feel like I should be okay and that what I thought was a bad thing might be a good thing in the end particularly money wise. As it often happens I stood still and the clouds parted.

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