A shout out to Senator Ted Lieu and Governor Jerry Brown

This week on elephant journal I’ve written about wrongs being righted…some geographically far away, but all near and dear to my heart.  At the center of all of it is Senate Bill 1172, which officially makes treating children to “cure” them of their homosexuality illegal in California, effective January 2013.

Have a read here, and let me know your thoughts!

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6 thoughts on “A shout out to Senator Ted Lieu and Governor Jerry Brown

  1. When my eldest brother came out of the closet, he was in college and I was in junior high. My parents went on and on about how they couldn’t believe he would do this to them and what a shame he was to the family. They took down all of the pictures of him throughout the house, and they told him not to come back. I never understood why it mattered who he was sleeping with. And, how did they not know he was gay? I mean, even my naive 12 year old self, who knew not what “gay” meant, knew. It was always obvious to me, but at the same time, it was just as clear to me that who my brother was sleeping with or not sleeping with had absolutely no bearing on what kind of person he was, what was in his great big heart, his great big brain, or that loud and funny laugh. He was still my brother and I still looked at him like a rock star.

    About 10 years ago, with the help of social media, I was reunited with a friend from high school. My friend, her sister, and our mutual friend all stayed the night together from time to time. We piled into a full-sized bed, kicking each other in our sleep, and always waking up with the sister’s feet in our faces. In this reuniting, I learned that my friend is a lesbian. She told me of her troubles coming out, of leaving the husband that she never quite loved, and exploring the lesbian world with no support system. I told my mother of my reunion with this friend, who came over during our high school years to talk to my mom many times both before and after our friendship fizzled. When I told my mom I’d seen this friend, had lunch with her, and showed her a camera phone photo of us, she expressed her mortification at the fact that my friend is gay. She said, “You two slept in the same bed all of those years. Doesn’t that make you uncomfortable?” No, actually. But, I could tell it made her uncomfortable. Again, who cares about other people’s sex lives? Whose business is it?

    If I wanted to force my mother into a heart attack, I could tell her that I’ve slept with more women than all of her sons have collectively. I’ve always felt it wrong (for me) to restrict my love options to one gender or one race. Love is beautiful in all of its forms, and I love everyone. To me, it was a matter of finding someone that I get along with on all levels. The person that completes me happens to be male, but that doesn’t make me love women any less. But, I also believe that our attractions aren’t choices. Most of us are born who we are, and our differences make the world beautiful. How boring it would be if we were all the same! This hatred of GLBT lifestyles is no different than hating people for the color of their skin, the color of their eyes, their religious preferences, or to whom they happen to be related. None of that matters, and it breaks my heart that so many people aren’t realizing it!

    Yah to California for taking another step toward civilization! Thank you for your post.

    • ann says:

      your comment is awesome. you amaze me with your level of evolution sometimes. thanks for reading me. it’s an honor to have your eyes on my work.

  2. maxzografos says:

    Eloquent and beautiful exploration. Very very interesting. Thanks

  3. Still trying to ‘cure’ ’em? How about a cure for hate … oh yeah, it’s called empathy. Very nice article ann. Are there life experiences that earn one a pass for bigotry? Or maybe i am making a harsh, unwarranted judgement about your classmates. Empathy can be a harsh mistress. As always i learn and think thanks something you have written.

    • ann says:

      i dunno – i think it’s pretty harsh to label people as “abnormal” or “unnatural” as well! but as gandhi said, hate cannot drive out hate…gotta find a way in…though sometimes i despair 😉

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