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The worst thing ever to blog about, I’ve been told, is one’s day-to-day: “I went to…, I saw…, etc” – this is the stuff snores are made of, although it can be quite tempting on a particularly interesting day, and I don’t think I’d be telling porkies if I said I’ve been guilty of it on a couple of occasions, particularly the more frustrating ones

This post, incidentally, is not about my day, however the word “circadian,” which will figure in more than once, quite literally is.  I mean to say, that pretty little word which I think I love because it sounds like cicada, and when I think of cicadas, I think of humid summer evenings in the Deep South or Philippine islands, is of Latin origin, and can be broken down into two parts, according to Mr. Webster:  circa, meaning about, and dies, meaning day.

It is 7:01 am, and I have been awake for 57 minutes.  This is no amazing feat, because people all over the world wake up at 6:00 am, as have I on many occasions in the past, because they have to.  In my mother’s case, some people do this because they want to.  I, in part inspired by my accountability partner’s new morning routine, in part resigned to the fact that I have grown up and am no longer profoundly productive at 11:00 at night, have decided to consciously shift my circadian rhythm.  There are a few reasons for this:

  •  As previously mentioned, I’m just not productive late at night anymore.  I am, therefore, a lot more productive in the morning…or I hope to be.
  • Chris doesn’t get up this early.  Not far from it – he’s often up and around by 6:30 – but that gives me a little bit of time alone in the mornings, and part of growing up means I’m learning to actually like alone time.
  • I love to watch the sun come up.  I don’t even have to see the sun.  I just love watching the sky turn from darkest black to pink and blue.  I love watching the street lights turn off.  I love watching the day begin.
  • Getting stuff done early begets getting more stuff done for me.  It’s all about momentum.

I hope to have more reasons to add as the days go by.  For now, the goal is to get up at 6:00 at least five days per week.  Let me stress that in my current working situation, this is not something I have to do, and for a woman who quite comfortably slept until 11:00 on several mornings of her life (something I am sadly no longer capable of doing, even after the most debaucherous evenings), this is a mountain to climb.  My mom had to literally beg me to get up for the sunrise in the Grand Canyon for crying out loud.  Of course I was 14.

My accountability partner says that for the first week I shouldn’t add any additional tasks to this part of the day – that I should just focus on being up.  So I may start doing yoga first thing eventually, or start writing morning pages or something…for now I’m just writing this post, enjoying a cup of oolong, and patting myself on the back for getting up before the sun by choice.

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0 thoughts on “About the Day

  1. suncitymom says:

    Miracles never seize! MOM

  2. suncitymom says:

    I know it’s cease but Seize as it’s seemed so much more appropriate for starting your day. MOM

  3. ann says:

    hahaha…i see what you did there.

  4. Shoshana says:

    Good for you! I have to get up early everyday for work. Maybe this will motivate me to enjoy it more. I also looked at the link about morning pages. I think that’s a neat idea……

    • ann says:

      yeah, i did before, too, and i hated it! but when i’ve thought about being a teacher, i always liked the idea of being in the classroom before anybody got there, enjoying the peace and preparing for the day…i watch too many movies!

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