It was September, 2010, in London, England, when Chris and Ann did these 3 very important things:

  1. They gave away / sold / otherwise got rid of just about everything they owned;
  2. They quit their day jobs;
  3. They took a step into the great unknown…

OK – that sounds a little more romantic than it probably actually was…

A roadtrip around the Western U.S. was followed by a year-long stint volunteering in the Philippines, during which they had the following 2 very important realizations:

  1. Going back to life as it was in London was simply unimaginable;
  2. They were now broke.

It was time to regroup.  Ann convinced Chris convinced Ann that this was the perfect time to move back to Chris’ picturesque hometown of Le Puy-en-Velay, France…

…where Chris would endeavor to build his Freelance IT career while Ann pursued her long-nearly-lost dream of being a writer.

Along the way, Chris began fine-tuning his passions around digital cartography, and has kept his sights set on working between that and keeping the soil under his fingernails, whilst Ann realized that the life of a writer might be a bit further in the distance than she thought and really what she was doing before was what she should have been doing all along, namely consulting for small-scale NGOs in (sometimes) sunnier climes..

Once the foundation was laid and all their ducks were aligned, they packed their bags again and set off for Azogues, Ecuador, where they are currently working at a Casa Hogar, surrounded from dawn till dusk by 30-ish amazing little people and another dozen equally amazing professionals helping those smaller folks through some very big problems.

So who are these people, you ask?  Indeed, in line with the very title of the page upon which you have clicked, what on Earth are they about?  Well, funny you should ask…

Ann is about sunny hot days and being nice to animals and human rights.  Ann is about classlessness and equality and everybody getting a fair go at it all.  Ann is about spicy food, mostly salty, sometimes sweet…especially chocolate!  Ann is about Chris.  Ann is about sleeping too much but then feeling guilty about it.  Ann is about reading great fiction but wishing she read more nonfiction.  Ann is about self-discovery and self-improvement and giving and getting all she can from this life.

Chris generally has a hard time to make up his mind about what to focus his attention on and at the moment (2015), he’s trying to juggle two things that interest him greatly: Digital mapping for humanitarian/development purposes and permaculture. In between, he tries also to run as much as possible and to have a rock climbing session once in a while.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Mom says:

    I just want to know if Chris was able to pull himself up from this position or if he just fell out of it???? And, of course, Ann’s picture is beautiful…..NO I AM NOT PREJUDICE!!!

  2. Clare King says:

    Oooh about about about! I want to add. Ann is about passion and smiling and great cuddles and being and friendly to everyone. Chris is about silly understated facial expressions and being a dark horse and defying as many stereotypes you have of his frenchness as he embodies. I miss Chris. I also miss Ann.. A LOT! XXX

  3. Martin Eder says:

    What a wonderful place to find Ann the web of cyber activism.

    Martin with love

  4. Rita Ashley says:

    Love the approach. Nicely done. Very personal.

  5. Ruth says:

    Aw, I love this! Wish you guys a wonderful adventure as you pursue your dreams. We miss you lots but are grateful that you touched our lives.xx

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