And we’re off…

It’s 7:36 am on our very last day in the Philippines.  In 16 hours, we’ll be high in the sky, en route to Paris via Dubai.  I’m not sure whether we should be overcome by emotion, but for the moment we’re feeling pretty mellow.  Also, I’m personally glad that we had some time to hang out in Manila.  It’s not that we had the chance to do anything touristy – in fact, outside of some excellent dinners, our stay here has been decidedly uneventful.  But it’s fitting, I think, to bid adieu to this city, as well as those we got close to in Mindanao…I can’t say that my heart went out to Cagayan de Oro…maybe a little bit more to Iligan…but I’d completely forgotten how much I love this crazy town.

So here we go…off to the land of warm baguettes, proper mustard and wine…of family and seasons and new beginnings.  Oh, and…ahem…new languages.  Yeah – wish me luck, will you?

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3 thoughts on “And we’re off…

  1. ursula says:

    Ann and Chris I wish you safe travels. I look forward to reading about your French adventures. I loved France when I visited. The next chapter should be quite interesting. By the way your nephew calls you “Nan” when he sees the picture of you in the living room. His vocabulary has grown so much! He amazes me everyday.Love you….Ursula

  2. ann says:

    hmmm…nan…sounds kinda grandma-y, hey? we’ll have to work on that one. thanks for your kind wishes!

  3. ronaldanne1 says:

    Happy trails.

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