Captain’s Log: Day 5

Day 5 of our (well, my) stay in St. Trop marks the end of the first work week here for me, and so far all I can say is, so good…

In a lot of ways we kind of  hit the proverbial jackpot here. The propriétaire (landlady) herself lives in very a very humble abode, particularly for these parts. We’re quite surrounded by mansions and vineyards, while her home is comprised of a kitchen, tiny bedroom, slightly larger living room/dining room, and closet-sized office.  We’re actually staying upstairs in a studio flat she rents out during the peak season.  It’s very small, but certainly big enough – we’ve lived in much smaller – and the surrounding garden and patio outside make it very worth it indeed.

As to work, I’ve not lost my focus entirely, but I think I might be moving a tiny bit more slowly…although it’s pretty hard to measure, with all the resettling that’s been part and parcel of a month-long move.  Next week will surely tell, but then I’ve got that week alone as well, since Chris will stay in Switzerland at least through next Friday.  And while I spent the two days before he left filled with anxiety and resentment, I must admit that thus far I’m quite enjoying my solitude (while still missing Chris, of course).  I’ve finally made my way to the teensy desk fitted in a corner of the flat…had been shunning it in favor of the following, in this order:  sitting outside (too cold now); sitting on the bed (very bad for the back, and makes for terrible sleep thereafter); sitting at the dining room table (really uncomfortable).  And while I miss my own desk and chair, I suppose that will make them a joy to return to, and perhaps that will jump start my work when we head back to Le Puy.

All my other efforts have been equally manageable.  There’s a lovely path lined with trees and vineyards at the bottom of the road leading to our place, perfect for  my morning jogs…and there’s just enough space here for one person to do yoga.  Should Chris want to pull some asanas when he gets back, it’ll have to be one at a time, I’m afraid!  We’ve got a fully equipped kitchen, complete with a dishwasher (I can’t even remember how to use them), and though I’ve not yet tested it out, I keep telling myself I should, since it’s such a luxury.

The weather was a dream to start, but has since turned cold and grey…although I must admit that I quite prefer cold, grey weather with a sea view to cold, grey weather in the city.  This is truly a beautiful place, but methinks I’d rather suffer dengue than be stuck here in peak season.  More on that soon.

Chris left me his SLR while he’s in sunny Basel, so without further ado, some pics for your viewing enjoyment!

This is the whole property...her house is just the small terracotta colored one behind the big tree. All the others are her neighbors.

She's got a whole bunch of these baby trees that need watering, so that's part of why we're here.

We also need to keep the birds happy while she's away so they're still coming back when she gets home.

She's got all these really pretty flowers hidden all over the property.

This one's called a Japanese Quince - it's actually quite a sizeable tree, but the flowers are so pretty up close.

Couldn't decide between the two pics - as above - the very pretty Japanese Quince.

Last flower shot, I swear! But couldn't not post the purple irises!

The veggie garden and magnificent accompanying view (there's that Japanese Quince on the right side)

All the kumquats I can eat! I LOVE kumquats...

The biggest reason we're here: Muchette. Contrary to her pointedly exasperated expression, I think she really does like me.

The patio outside our flat...a definite bonus...although couldn't get it into one frame - hence the line down the center of the shot (such an amateur).

The extraordinary view from one of our windows...they're pretty much all this good.

So yeah – as they say in London, we’re laughing.  And also missing our own place a little (but just a little), so that’s good, too.

Author’s note:  While I am the only human being currently occupying this property, I’m not sure Muchette would be comfortable with me appropriating the title of captain…good thing she can’t read.

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3 thoughts on “Captain’s Log: Day 5

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that’s the same expression Hobbes has when we do anything to “mess with” his day/night schedule – and especially when we deign to leave him for any extended period of time. It must be common to cats despite their differences in nationality.

  2. ann says:

    Because, really, Gloria, is there anything more important in all the world than your cat’s schedule? Seriously – in the Philippines Chris and I came to the realization that cats probably believe that we are their slaves…and they’re probably right…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful blog and great pictures. It might be difficult for a few days to want to settle down to writing as you will be tempted to explore the countryside. Good thing that there are hills as it will wear you out and you will look forward to not moving from the keyboard—HA!
    Gloria will have to send you pictures of Mr. Hobbs; believe me–he rules the house whether Ben thinks so or not. And, he invaribly hides and the entire neighborhood is in an uproar trying to find him. But he’s magnificent in stature.
    Hope you don’t get too lonely but perhaps it will be a good thing for you to experience for your writing. Love you MUCHLY! Mom

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