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Spit it out. Or don’t.

Picture it:  we’ve just flown into Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila.  It’s nearing midnight, we’ve been flying for 12- and 16 hours respectively and are destroyed.  We know that our accommodation won’t be perfect – the last time we stayed there, we had to wait an hour for the room to be prepared, the trash bin in the bathroom was strategically placed under the sink’s piping since water gushed into it each time the sink was turned on, there was no air conditioning and no screens on the windows to keep out potential roaches, mosquitoes, etc.

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Curiouser and Curiouser…

Sometimes life is all kinds of crazy.

I used to be a nanny.  It was one of the 20 jobs I had (not exaggerating – I’ll write about that one day) while I attended university.  I loved that job, not only because I genuinely adore being around kids – particularly the cute, intelligent kind – but also because D & M became a bit like my San Diego family after a while.  I even began helping M’s grandmother – the great grandma of the kids I watched – a couple of times a week when her parents were out.  She was a joy, and when she passed away my heart broke in two.

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Think I’ll break this down a bit.

A number of interesting circumstances conspired to change the plans I had set in the weeks leading up to when Chris and I left the Philippines last.  Firstly, it turned out that Chris needed to fly to the U.S. for work on exactly the same day as I would fly out for Brittaney’s wedding.  Furthermore, he’d be there – Lexington, KY (pictures to follow), specifically – for two weeks, whereas I had a return flight after one.  Ergo, I had what I thought would be a week alone in PI to do my own thing.  There’s a piece I’m really keen to write, and since this would be my first bona fide lone tour of a foreign country, I thought I might find an esoteric cottage by the sea, ridiculously discounted due to it being off-season, where I might set my laptop up somewhere on my deck, which of course would look out over the sea, and get right to work…of course I would start my day with the sun, a quick yoga session and a mango shake, and work till dusk, whereupon I would dine in a quiet vegan cafe set directly upon the sea, drinking a cocktail of one sort or another as the moon rose alongside my inspiration, until such time as Chris returned, whereupon we would meet at the airport at 10:10 exactly, which is when his plane would land, and head directly to the bus station, where we would ride in an overnight bus to Baguio, and then transfer to a bus to Sagada the following morning, arriving in the late afternoon, just in time to miss the (probable) afternoon showers and to sleep for 12 hours before beginning our last holiday in PI amidst the backdrop of rice terraces and indigenous art, pine trees and waterfalls.

Alas, none of this came to pass.

So in my next two posts (or maybe more, if it all stays this interesting), I’ll fill you in on what has actually taken place in the time I had previously booked with the aforementioned activities…stay tuned.

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Nobody’s Perfect…or, All Party Fouls Come in Three’s…

The year was 2007.  I had just ditched my crutches after 6 months of functioning as a triped in anticipation of our friend S’s visit to Chris’ hometown with us.  There we stood, at the banks of the Loire River, sun just warming us enough to make the water seem tempting, although for my part just getting down there seemed excitement aplenty.  Chris, on the other hand, was in top form, and decided to go for a dip.  He found a spot deep enough to jump in and took the plunge…not enough to immerse him fully, but just above his waist…and then the look – not of pain, but of horror – he’d forgotten to take his mobile out of his pocket.  It was brand new, or thereabouts.  He loved it – the HTC Hero – and try as we did to dry it out, it was just too late. Continue reading

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The long story about my short fall

“Be careful!” R shouted in his thick Swiss accent as we started to make our way down into the farm.  “We will,” we shouted back.  He turned to continue his disagreement with one of the men working on his farm.  R and T’s farm is buried in the mountains of Bukidnon, not far from the border with Cagayan de Oro.  The drive up is magnificent: lush, green hillsides, trees galore, flowers too many in number to even consider learning the names, many for which there are only native names anyway, impossible to commit to memory.  It really isn’t very far – 30 minutes’ drive from our place, 45 including the two stops to pick up the tuba and kids respectively.  Tuba is palm wine, made from the sap of coconut trees.  It’s incredible to watch it being made, equally amazing to drink…the stuff’s delicious.  The kids are “sponsored” by R and T – there are twelve in total.  Sponsorship has mostly to do with paying for their studies, but I suspect they also end up buying rice, shoes, and clothes from time to time as well.  They generally pick up two along the way, pulling over at the side of the road and indicating to the  moms how many can be brought along for the ride.

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All Things Amusing Vol. III

My first eHow article…what do you think?

How to Do Laundry at Our House

1. Start the kettle boiling

2. Put clothes – BUT NOT TOO MANY (6.5kg total!  But does that include water…) into the washing machine.  We estimate a load to be about 10 pairs of underwear and 6 pairs of socks, or two pairs of trousers, or two towels…you get the picture.

{referred to by our landlord as a Filipino washing machine…although I’m pretty sure ours originated in Japan}

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