Curiouser and Curiouser…

Sometimes life is all kinds of crazy.

I used to be a nanny.  It was one of the 20 jobs I had (not exaggerating – I’ll write about that one day) while I attended university.  I loved that job, not only because I genuinely adore being around kids – particularly the cute, intelligent kind – but also because D & M became a bit like my San Diego family after a while.  I even began helping M’s grandmother – the great grandma of the kids I watched – a couple of times a week when her parents were out.  She was a joy, and when she passed away my heart broke in two.

Fast-forward to October 2010. Chris and I are on our road trip, making the rounds to everybody we haven’t seen in way too long.  Montana definitely makes the list, not only because my uncle (who I haven’t seen in 25 years) lives there, but also because D & M have moved the family back.  Montana is M’s home state, and they’d just had enough of Southern California.

As she finished making dinner the first night, M tells me they have news:  D’s company has asked them to move to Paris, and they accepted!  Crazy – we’ll definitely cross paths at some point, since Chris’ sister is in Paris, too.  A couple of months later the company’s plans change, and they ask them to go to Zürich instead.  Undeterred, they ventured to Switzerland, kids and all, and made a life for themselves in a completely different country.

M and I have stayed in touch, particularly since I got back to France.  A couple of days back she asks me to ring her – she’s got a question to ask.  I get on Skype and she fills me in on the new news…she’s been asked to interview at a prestigious university Stateside for a very interesting job in March, and would I mind coming to Zürich to look after the kids this once?

This is just one more reason I’m loving freelancing…of course I can!  I get to hang out with the kids, M gets to make it to her interview, and since the kids are in school during the day, I don’t have to stop working.  Excellent.

Turns out she’s needed for another temporary gig in February, so actually I’ll be heading out to Switzerland two days after we get back to Le Puy.  Then a week back home, during which I’ll visit the embassy and attend my mother-in-law’s 70th birthday party…and then back again!

Stranger still is the fact that Chris has been traveling pretty regularly for work, and lately that’s been exclusively to Switzerland.  We probably won’t cross paths – if he comes out while I’m there he’ll be too far away as his client’s office is in Basel.  But who knows?  Regardless, isn’t life funny?

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4 thoughts on “Curiouser and Curiouser…

  1. JeskaJoy says:

    That sounds SO fun!!!

  2. ann says:

    what should REALLY be fun is trying to drive the kids to school on teensy-weensy european streets with my…erm…limited experience…

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