Decidedly Meta.

My post for Elephant Journal this week is just so meta.

Here’s what happened:  I was totally unfocused.  Couldn’t figure out what the hell to write about, and couldn’t get my head straight enough to develop any of the fleeting ideas I was having.

So I decided to write about that.  And to pay homage to a great film in my title.

It was supposed to be “Dr. Thinker: or, How I Learned to Stop Freaking Out and Love My Monkey Mind.”  I guess that was too long.  Or too Kubrick-y.  Dunno.  Editors do what they will.

Anywho, have a read here and let me know what you think!

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0 thoughts on “Decidedly Meta.

  1. says:

    loved the monkey mind chat! omg. you were inside my head waaaay too long!!! thanks again ann for the smile and the dose of ‘hey, you’re normal. deal with it!’ love when that happens! write on grrl. you’re doing it 😉

    • ann says:

      you know how people talk about when others listen while thinking about what they’re going to say, rather than really listening to what’s being said? then there’s the other people, who really listen, contemplate, and then empathetically respond. that latter version – the good listener – when you leave comments on my posts, i feel like that’s how you read me. like you’re really into what i’m writing. your feedback has been so priceless…thank you.

  2. Antonia C. says:

    So, this is the third time I’ve encountered the word “meta” in the past week and a half. The first was my English prof talking about using a metaphrase to initiate our first essay, the second time I can’t remember but it was this weekend in Ojai. Now you make three and I still don’t have a clear grasp of it’s meaning. Can you help? And can you write my essays for me? ;P

    • ann says:

      hehe…how much we talkin’ about here?

      i want to introduce you to my friend the interweb. s/he is filled with interesting information about all the things that confuse us! hehe…this is what s/he had to say about meta (courtesy of wikipedia):

      Meta- (from the Greek preposition μετά = “after”, “beyond”, “adjacent”, “self”, also commonly used in the form μετα- as a prefix in Greek, with variants μετ- before vowels and μεθ- “meth-” before aspirated vowels), is a prefix used in English (and other Greek-owing languages) to indicate a concept which is an abstraction from another concept, used to complete or add to the latter.

      i had monkey mind while i was struggling to find a subject about which to write, so in the end, i just wrote about my monkey mind…people who write blogs about blogging are called “meta-bloggers.” it’s at once confusing as hell and really super simple. pretty much like everything in life. much love!

  3. great post about creating and sticking to habits. Left me wanting to do the same. Thanks!

  4. To comment on your elephant journal article, or your blog posting… I couldn’t decide, so I’m posting it in both places…

    I’ve got a monkey in my head, too. Sometimes I think he’s repeatedly thumping my version of Mr. Thinker in the noggin over and over again. We know that monkeys do what monkeys want to do, and my monkey wants me to write. He’s not horribly fond of my job in health care, and thinks that microscope work is no fun (except when he thinks he sees bananas in the cellular configurations– he likes that, i think!), so he pulls out these great ideas: “Add this to that story you were working on yesterday!” “I know what happens next in that other story you’re stuck on.” and “Oh! Oh! Oh! Blog idea!” I find myself getting nothing done at work… well, nothing that the hospital is paying me to do, anyway. *sigh*

    I make lists, too. I put dozens of reminders in my phone, which also sends me gmail reminders. I make lists of what I’ve eaten so I don’t overindulge, lists of what I need to do, what I want to get done in the next week or two, projects I’d like to start and/or finish, people I miss and want to try to make plans with… once I write it down, my brain feels free to roam to the next topic. If I forget to write it down, it may pester me all day, or it might leave me wondering all day what in the world I needed to remember. When my phone isn’t handy for lists, I use post-it notes, thinking I’ll transfer the information over to my phone later… but that doesn’t happen (the monkey usually distracts me from that), and the post-its pile up. I get to most of it eventually, or change my mind and decide it’s not that important after all.

    • ann says:

      my mother would adopt you on the basis of your lists alone. lists earn megapoints in her book. i’m so impressed that you have multiple stories going at the same time. crap. one of these days.

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