I’ve mentioned here before that Ron was the first blogger I began following.  Heretofore I’ve concerned myself almost exclusively with Where the Rubber Meets the Road, his thinking blog.

One day Ron posted a poem, and it was beautiful.  He kept writing them and posting them, and then he decided that he may as well use a different blog for his poetry since it was taking on such a magnificent life of its own.

Poetry for me is like comedy.  It’s really hard to nail.  I can’t stand cheese.  I cringe at forced sentiment.  And as a sufferer of energetic tackiness, I get really uncomfortable when people try too hard.

Ron’s poetry is guilty of none of those things.  It is honest and pure and communicates to a part of my brain that responds comfortably and curiously.  I often read a poem, walk away, and then come back and read it again, because there’s more to be had from them than can be taken in a single sitting.  But they’re very digestible in one go, as well…I’ve really been impressed.

And now he’s outdone himself.  This last poem was so excellent…It has been some time since so few words so quickly transported me to another place entirely.  I was reminded of Cohen and Waits and I think that at the very least, you’re going to really enjoy it.  Hungry?  Then,


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  1. suncitymom says:

    Thank you. Yes, I liked it. Describes so many in such a down to earth but relevant way and such a compassionate waitress! I loved her!

  2. ann, can’t thank you enough for the introduction and reblog. i have connected with some very talented and interesting bloggers and those connections are why i got into this in the first place. so thanks again for sharing.


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