Ecuador – months 3 and 4 in photos

Second batch of photos from our time in Ecuador. I should state that these photos are only one (small) part of our time here, it’s the “fun/travel part”. Most of our time was spent working and living at the Casa Hogar (an orphanage). But when we got the chance to escape for a day or two, we grabbed it and tried to do short visits to nearby places. These are just a slice of our time in the country, we certainly haven’t spent our time travelling around (unfortunately).
I realise I’m way overdue for this post as we are well into month 6… We just came back from a great trip around the country with two very dear friends who came all the way from Europe to say hola and see Ecuador (photos to be posted in the coming weeks). There has been quite a big shift in our situation here as we no longer live at the orphanage (more on that later). We’ve just found a little studio in a town called Cuenca and we’ll be there for the remaining 6 weeks we have before going back to France.

5 thoughts on “Ecuador – months 3 and 4 in photos

  1. suncitymom says:

    I think the pictures say so much more than the beauty of where you are “this time”. In every picture–whether posed or candid–Ann is smiling-happy—and that says it all and is the most important. Keith’s comment, “Chris, I thought you consulted in a “cloudbased” company–I didn’t realize you PLAYED in a cloudbase too! (Ann understands his humor—based on your altitude!!)

  2. Ruth says:

    Wow, it is beautiful and you guys look so happy. Lots of love from all of us.xx

  3. says:

    amazing!!! the landscape is crazy lol but you guys do look happy. love seeing those big wide smiles hahaha. stay safe and write when you can. thanks for sharing!!! hugz baby xo

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