Go, bird, go!

Well, this was going to be an insightful piece about how social media is taking over our lives.  I was going to endeavor to inspire you all to foreit the Facebook in favor of more face time (no, not the Apple equivalent of Skype.  The real deal). I’d all but written the thing – in fact, I’d gone through the first draft in my head already on my morning run yesterday.

See? There in the middle. I don’t make this stuff up, people.

Then, on the same day, I went and created a Twitter account.

Hypocritical?  Yes.  Necessary?  Also, I think, yes.

See, the post about the “Facebook Age” (which I may very well still write, mind you!) was inspired by my current predicament.  The fact is that it’s becoming increasingly obvious that, given the following circumstances…

  1. I am still relatively new to professional writing
  2. I have no journalism degree
  3. I work independently – freelance – and so must generate all my own business

…I kinda need a social media platform.  This wasn’t my idea.  It wasn’t that I hadn’t thought about it.  It was just that when I thought about it, it was sort of in a stop-thinking-about-this-right-now-there-that’s-better sort of way.  Like the way I think about how I need to stop eating so much chocolate.  Wait, what?  Forget about it.

But, try as I might, this niggling notion of my lacking social media presence kept creeping into my brain, courtesy of the various bastions of IT know-how in my life, namely Chris and my Accountability Partner.  And then the folks over at Elephant Journal strongly encouraged it, too (but by no means insisted, mind).

So I’ve compromised.  Not my integrity, mind you.  But my insistence.  Facebook still makes no sense in my life.  But I guess Twitter does.

What makes Twitter different?  I guess that, for me, the big difference is the respective primary functions of these machines perform.  From a distance, I see Twitter as a sort of constant stream of ideas.  Like headlines on a newspaper’s website, a user can pick and choose the ideas they want to look into more deeply; like “thoughts of the day” a user can quickly glance into the psyches of those s/he follows.  Facebook, on the other hand, feels increasingly like the social media equivalent of a high school reunion hosted by Kodak.  More on that eventually.

I’m not completely convinced by Twitter.  I am a firm believer that human beings say stupid shit.  And it seems to me that Twitter empowers the stupid shit people say sometimes to get the better of those people themselves.  Also, I do not need yet another reason to be in front of my computer.  I also realize that I’m coming into it really late in the game.  I’m a bit intimidated by the idea that I’m trailing behind on this by miles and miles.

But I’m hoping it’ll be a platform from which I can benefit from the brilliant ideas of great writers like Andrea Gibson and Charlie Brooker (two of my word heroes, incidentally), and maybe also get quick ideas and important news out to you all a teensy bit more quickly and easily.

Here’s hoping I’m not at this all day long…go bird go!

(Ahem.  Sorry about that.  Couldn’t help myself.)

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0 thoughts on “Go, bird, go!

  1. verasilver says:

    I never thought about twitter as for anything for celebrity announcements. I actually hope that I can make it as a writer without needing a twitter account. But we will see.

    I too am a huge Charlie Brooker fan. He writes less in the Guardian these days, but his presence on 10 o’clock live was just amazing. I have three of his books. Love him!


    • ann says:

      i’m certain you can make it as a writer without a twitter account…call it me-being-lazy…just seems like broadening my readership – as well as my awareness of what’s going on out there – is a little simpler with twitter. thanks so much for your comment, and for passing by!

  2. Victor Halsig says:

    Ann – For me, a computer is just a quick way to access news and other info (like books and stuff) so that I don’t have to go to library or subscribe, etc. I also, of course, handle banking and all that on-line. The challenge is that the rest of the world seems to be hooked up on the social media and if I don’t check in on FB every day or two (at least) I may miss family news. Many times people “publish” on FB, etc, rather than phoning, even things like when family dies and when the funeral is gonna be. I look around me and it seems like MOST of the people are constantly using their “smart phones” and I am out of the loop…Reminds me of a Sci-Fi story I read in the 70’s called “The Chair.” Aliens came to earth and started producing these chairs that had food synthesizers, toilet, hi-fi, tv all built in and sold them to humans dirt cheap. When all the humans had bought a chair and were totally immersed there, the aliens just moved the chairs to the desert and took over the earth. No war, no fuss, just conquest. Is that happening to us now?

    • ann says:

      the whole world seems a bit sci-fi to me, but then i’m an admitted luddite…i guess we gotta just pick what we can roll with and let the rest roll off our shoulders…sometimes easy, others not so much!

      • Victor Halsig says:

        Dear One – Everybody’s overemphasizing this technology thing. I am even being told by young people that the next war will be won by “technology” (read “unmanned drones”) and that nobody is going to have to actually go into combat… Let’s get real. At some point human beings have to deal with other human beings who are driven by incalculable greed for power to the point that they will destroy everything to get what they want, and people like that permeate the ENTIRE population, not just some “bad guys” somewhere. They’ve wrecked it before, looks like they may do it again, and the rest of us will just do what we’ve done from time immemorial, PICK UP AND RESTART. And I don’t think at that point we’re gonna be TOO worried about our smart phones…LOL And you are NOT a “Luddite.” You’re just not into jumping into the latest craze. You tend to THINK instead, and when you do that, things get confusing. (People who don’t think just look for quick answers – like “Why don’t we just put it all on the credit card?” and who knows when we’re gonna be able to pay it back…)

  3. colgore says:

    Dearest Ann,
    My comments keep going to spam. Wow, that was poetic. Your blog is a must-read and I check daily for new posts. I have a full-fledged blog crush on you. I’m semi-new to WordPress so I’m unsure of the general consensus concerning blog awards. Are they a conspiracy or are they wondrous? Anyway, I am nominating you for the Reader Appreciation Award. If you choose to accept the honor, the rules are on my page:


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