I’m so excited.

You know how activists and actors and artists are always saying at the end of big projects what an honor it was, how excellent it was, how proud they were to be part of it?  I’ve always wanted to say that.  So here goes:

Max Zografos just finished his second book, get.RID, and it was such an honor, so excellent…I am really so proud to have been a part of it!

In all honesty, my part was minuscule – I edited it, for which I really should have donated my services because I actually got to read this incredible book for free!

Click here!

Honestly, the book is fantastic.  Max presents a way at looking at the world around us that is completely unlike anything I’ve ever read before.  He brought together a group of people from the Philippines, U.S., France, and Serbia (not to mention the author himself, a Greek man living in London!) completely online using crowdsourcing to bring the book to its fruition.

Most importantly, though, the book is the product of a complete shift in his consciousness…he lets us into his world of epiphanies, failures, aspirations and life changes.  But he’s no pushover:  he makes some bold statements about the world around him – that means all of us – that give pause for thought.

And his blog is alive and well, so you can get on there to sing his praises – or passionately disagree with him – on any point he makes!

I realize this is a shameless plug for a book I worked on, so don’t take my word for it:  Alain de Botton even called it, “very pithy and full of unexpected swerves of argument.”  For real.  The Alain de Botton.

Gitcher hands on a copy – or gitcher new-fangled e-copy, because it’s available paperless too – and let me know your thoughts!

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0 thoughts on “I’m so excited.

  1. maxzografos says:

    Thanks Ann, and I think you’ve understated your contribution to this project. Remember that email you sent me that started it all? And all your encouragement along the way? Let alone the superb editing work you did, not only in the wordsmith part but also content wise, with invaluable suggestions pertaining to the target audience of the book. I’m fortunate to have you in this team. Thanks!

  2. colgore says:

    Your part wasn’t miniscule! Editing is a difficult process. Congratulations! I’ll check the book out.

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