is this thing on?

ok…admittedly lame for a first post.  bear with me – i’m completely new to this and somehow blogging feels to me the same way karaoke used to (yeah – i got over that one, right?).  so i’m not hobnobbing with arundathi roy, and i haven’t had a good heart-to-heart with vonnegut (who probably has a lot to say even posthumously), but all of my loved ones out there in cyberspace will just have to sit back and admit it – i’m officially writing.  and so is chris.  isn’t this fun?

and, in the great spirit of everything i’ve written since my senior year of high school, i thought i’d go true-to-form and make this post about decidedly nothing.  except this:  for the sake of posterity (thanks, big brothers), even if i don’t ever really pick this writing thing up, let it be known that i have written about 27 short stories, thirteen poems and, like, at least 8 blogs in my head.  not to mention the at least 437 novels i have started.  so it cannot be said that i’ve not got ambition.

and i promise to try to make this a little more substantial than the 1/16-filled notebooks i’ve bought over the years.  if only because of the exhibitionist nature of the whole thing…i also promise not to use appropriate capitalization unless absolutely necessary.

here goes…


7 thoughts on “is this thing on?

    • Mom says:

      Areas to fill in are really light. Couldn’t tell that the places to fill in were on the left side-not the right side of the required fields until I played around a bit.
      Good start—the things you shared with Keith and I when we talked last week will be most interesting. Start there. Love it! Mom

  1. Shoshana Levin says:

    Woo-hoo! I’m so excited!

  2. ~JeskaJoy~ says:

    Yay!! Can’t wait for more my love! We need pics too! 🙂 Muah!!

  3. Martine says:

    Bring on the other twelve pleeeease!!

  4. cyberlearnit says:

    Hi! So glad you are blogging. It will be great to see what you are up to. Of course,life can get pretty darn busy so don’t forget us! We’ll be watching.

    Love you,

    Aunt Mary

  5. Ursula says:

    Can’t wait to hear about your big and little adventures. KJ keeps asking how long are you and Chris going to be gone. By the way the only picture he has posted in his room is the picture you all took at the caverns. Perhaps I can persuade Chris that he needs to come assist the huge population of homeless in Austin. Love to both of you.

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