It’s 12:47 in the morning…

…and I just wanted to share with you all that I have finally finished that sodding PM&E handbook for Organization B.

Some interesting statistics:

  • 101 pages of fun!
  • 5 Policy and Procedures forms for the whole family!
  • 16 exciting forms to plan, monitor, and evaluate in style!
  • and some other stuff.

This. Has. Been. Long. (yes, I realize the word “long” doesn’t work State-side, but I am using it in the context taught to me by my young people in London.  As in, “Do this thing.”  “Awww, dat’s long, bruv!”)

I’d like to thank the Academy…and L, who has kept me sane throughout the whole sometimes-stressful process.

Sigh…what a relief.

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6 thoughts on “It’s 12:47 in the morning…

  1. Anonymous says:

    In my past life I worked for the Harris County Library System in Houston and was on a committee charged with rewriting the Policies and Procedures Manual for the entire +/-20 library system. Believe me, I understand how wonderful it is to be FINISHED!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    You must have a sense of accomplishment as well as relief. Well done daughter. Just like Michael & Ursula thought that all those months with KJ were wasted–today they learned that KJ HAS BEEN ADOPTED! AND he’s making good grades—-AND he gave a report on combustible engines and told everyone that Michael had taught him about them—-AND he’s playing golf and reading his rule book that Keith gave him……so =-like I said, you may not get the reward or the fruit of your labor—but the seeds are planted and you and Chris are changing the world–one seed at a time…….one procedural manual at a time……one offer to help at a time. Love you, MOM

  3. Anonymous says:

    yayyyyyyyyyyyy congratulations!!!

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