I’ve got news!

Well, everybody, things just keep trucking along!  While I am not yet a world renowned novelist in possession of my own island (wait for it, folks), I am officially a regular contributor.  Hehe.  How you like them apples?

The publication in question is of the online variety – Elephant Journaland they publish a whole bunch of stuff about yoga and vegetarianism and politics and life and basically everything, but a lot about yoga.  I’ve bragged about having been published there before.  So now I’m bragging about being a regular.

Elephant:  What’ll it be today, Ann?

Ann: Oh, the usual…

Check out my first post as a proper contributor…deep thoughts on one of Jonathon Safran Foer’s deep thoughts…gonna try and make a point of reflecting on others’ reflections until I know just what I think about all of it anyway.

And of course I’ll keep y’all posted with updates when my articles go live…Do let me know your thoughts!

And thanks for all the support…as soon as I get that island, you’re all invited for a luau.

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0 thoughts on “I’ve got news!

  1. Victor Halsig says:

    And to think I know a REAL author – somebody who actually gets paid for it – and somebody who really writes good (and factual) stuff. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    • ann says:

      thank you! as to the pay, well…not much and not often, but getting there, i suppose! and as to the factual, working on that fiction…stay tuned!

  2. suncitymom says:

    Just the start my daughter; just the start—you can do it! Keep on truckin’ Mom

    • ann says:

      like the do-dah man! hehe…don’t think you’ll probably get that reference, ma…better go on google…and thank you for your endless support!

  3. maxzografos says:

    Wonderful news for elephant journal too. Congrats Ann!!

  4. colgore says:

    Congratulations! I love the Francione (spelling?) quote. I’ve been a vegetarian since elementary school, but I haven’t gone completely vegan. Articles like this make me reevaluate my impact on the world, particularly on my beloved animals!

    • ann says:

      since elementary school! that’s stinking admirable. do lemme know if you decide to take the vegan plunge, or if you ever need recipes or ideas!

  5. Yay! Yay! Yay! So awesome. I love EJ and whatifandwhynot. Congrats, Anne.

  6. t.dot says:

    wow! just found you cuz you found me, but what a wonderful treat you are! and i agree. the elephant journal is lucky to have you 😉 will be cruising through your stuff at a leisurely pace, taking in the view and planting a tree or two along the way. continue to grow and blossom, chicklet – it looks good on you!

    • ann says:

      man, a couple of years ago i could articulate, but not truly appreciate, the magic of internet connections…i do indeed hope you enjoy, and i look forward to your thoughts, because i already know i value them! welcome!

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