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How bizarre is it that the rich are no longer the fattest in the land?  How strange that it is truly the poorest U.S. Americans (and increasingly Europeans) who are most at risk for obesity and obesity-related illness?  I decided to write about the plight of urban obesity for Elephant Journal

To be fair, the piece started out a bit doom-and-gloom, whatever-is-to-be-done and what have you.  The editor came back and said something along the lines of, And?  Head over to the article and see what I propose as one potential way of addressing the issue!

And thanks to all my readers for your endless support…it means mountains to me!

11 thoughts on “Just an idea…

  1. yes what a problem this is…so many people trapped in a cycle fueled by forces beyond their control. Making the right choice isn’t as easy as it sounds. I have heard the term guerrilla gardening which has the sound of something wonderfully anarchic and useful.

    • ann says:

      in london, chris’ first garden was an abandoned lot behind a gutted and abandoned house next door to us. one day he looked out the window and said, ‘i’m gonna turn that into a garden.’ layers and layers of filth – and not the dirt-y kind – came out of the ground; rows and rows of veg went in. it was a beautiful thing.

  2. Victor Halsig says:

    This may be WAY off the hook, but consider: We of the working class in days past SLOGGED along from dawn till dusk at a back-breaking level. What if, over time, we genetically evolved to store energy so that our bodies could draw upon it when there was no food available. Now many of us in Euro and US don’t work as hard physically and so the final resolution to the obesity problem is that we gotta evolve back? Think I’ll have another piece of candy…LOL

    • ann says:

      absolutely – sedentary lifestyles have exacerbated the problem profoundly. but i have to say, it’s hard to find your get-up-and-go without proper nutrition! at any rate, it’s all very cyclical…urban gardeners get the extra added bonus of regular workouts!

  3. suncitymom says:

    Posted on Facebook. EXCELLENT!

  4. ann says:

    incidentally, i didn’t put that tagline in the article…that was the editor’s choice. don’t really like it too much, but i complain enough as it is. i’m resting with the discomfort of something i dislike. it’s good for breaking down my ego.

  5. maxzografos says:

    Just shared it on Twitter!!! Talk soon Ann!

  6. Jeska says:

    Awesome Ann!! Well done! On a side note, after over a decade of tweaking and refining what I eat to achieve a healthy weight and vibrant energy level, I’m finally closing in on the magic formula for me! More vegetables and fruit. (More!? Seriously!??) And, eating them RAW. 2 weeks of nothing but raw food made me into a “whole” new person! Maybe I should write about it ; )

    • ann says:

      i couldn’t possibly agree more! when we first got back to france from the philippines, chris’ lovely folks wanted to make us all our faves, and as it was autumn, that meant lots of hot stuff…no problem, but we’d been eating so much raw – veg, fruits, seeds, nuts – and now we weren’t eating hardly any! i finally said, ‘look – i need to make my own dinners for a few days,’ and went balistic on the raw garlic, onions and ginger…i can’t possibly describe how my body reacted – it was instantaneous! if a feeling could be translated to the english language, my body screamed, ‘THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! AND DAMN YOU FOR MAKING ME WAIT THIS LONG!!!’

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