Malong: my new favorite item of…

Everyone has their most comfy piece of clothing.  Mine is beyond a shadow of a doubt my robe, sewn with love and care by my dear and ridiculously talented friend, Jeska.  Of late, however, a simple bit of fabric has been a contender for this position, although my robe has held firm.

It is this wonderful Maranaothingie, for lack of a better word, called a malong, and i love it.  I tried to start this sentence several times with the beginning reading, “It is primarily used for…” and had to stop, because I’m not really sure it has a primary use as such – just a whole lotta great applications.

It is a piece of fabric, usually a really pretty and sturdy batik from Indonesia or Thailand, sewn together at one side, such that you have a big cylinder of a thingie.  The uses I have been given thus far include:

1. sleeping bag

2. robe

3. towel

4. privacy thingie for going to the toilet in public (Sorry – is there a word for that?  I’m going to have to come up with a better word than “thingie” at some point here…I sound like my young people in London.)

5. wrapping up babies

5. dress

6. skirt

I’m sure that most people can come up with about 647,000 potential other uses, but those are the ones with which I’ve been made familiar.  So if you can imagine this piece of fabric that’s long enough to be a really nice sleeping bag, sturdy enough to be a staple of life’s daily necessities, thin enough to be folded any number of ways to meet the needs of that particular moment, and pretty enough to be my favorite skirt, you can picture a malong!

Some images from the interweb to bring it to life for ya’:

and one of me trying to make it my own:

Guess what?  You can get ’em on ebay!

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7 thoughts on “Malong: my new favorite item of…

  1. JeskaJoy says:

    Beautiful! I’ll have to try it out…. I love multi-functionality. The transformer dress !

  2. Mom says:

    Great description! But what about Earthquake—how is he? Signed: Earthquakes Grma

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  4. abdul jabbar says:

    im selling pure antique and generation ages malong from royalties in my tribe..if your interested or any of your friend contact me at this email or contact number 09275645224 and 63 is our country code

    • ann says:

      assalamualaikum! i can’t imagine how beautiful they must be! i do hope you keep at least one or two, particularly if they’re antiques! i’m afraid that, as a struggling writer, i’m in no position to buy malongs, but this post gets lots of attention, so perhaps someone passing by will see your comment! and best of luck!

  5. suncitymom says:

    I am still learning how to use the beautiful one you sent to me. Problem is that it invaribly shows my tummy so am still trying to learn how to tie it, wrap it, to hide all my flaws? Perhaps Jeska can come up with a solution!!!
    104 yesterday; suppose to be 101 today……….oh my. MOM

    • ann says:

      well…unfortunately i don’t think jeska’s ever laid eyes on one of these things! we can have a skype tutorial if you remind me! stay hydrated!

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