Shouting out.

As you may have noticed, we keep a blogroll on our WI&WN blog.  That’s nothing special – lots of bloggers keep a list of blogs on their page.  Others opt not to…maybe they worry about burdening their readers with their opinions…hahaha.

OK – bad humor aside, I just wanted to take a minute to draw your attention to our blogroll.  There’s some incredible stuff going on over there.  It’s listed alphabetically, so no preferential treatment involved…only that we’ve listed stuff we think you’re really going to like.

First up is Adaptive Seeds.  Andrew and Sarah do have a bit of a monopoly on our blogroll, but it’s all about how incredible they are.  Adaptive Seeds is where they sell the seeds they grow on their farm – Open Oak Farm, that is – in Oregon.  The seeds are nothing but the good stuff: “artisan quality, public domain, open-pollinated seeds, grown without the use of synthetic chemicals and with ecologically mindful methods.”  Growing, saving and selling seeds is part of a larger calling for these two…as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, they are part of a global seed saving movement, and promote this advocacy on their Seed Ambassadors website.

Jeska Joy is quite possibly the most creatively talented person I have ever come across in my life. I’m serious.  She’s that good.  She weaves magic into everything her incredible hands and heart produce, from costumes to formal gowns to honestly-anything-you-can-think-up, because I can tell you, I’ve seen her paintings, her sculptures, and her aura, and there just ain’t nuthin’ she can’t do.  You can check her out at Design by JeskaJoy, but I will say that her website is in need of some of her talent (she’s also a very busy woman), so I’d advise you to contact her if you’re interested in her work so she can send you some sample pics…she’s very good about responding.

A couple of years ago a very talented friend of ours decided to give up everything to study English Lit in its homeland.  She’s been living in London (and much more functionally, I might add, than I ever did) for over a year now, although I think she’ll soon return to the U.S…until she goes back.  I think she’s hooked.  You can see why on her blog, Scenes from England.

Lastly, but very much not leastly, this bloke called Ron came across our blog a few months back, while we were still in the Philippines.  Some research he was doing led him to one of my posts, and he has been incredibly supportive ever since.  Thing is, the guy’s a great thinker…humble indeed, but incredibly talented nevertheless.  His blog is a collection of deep thoughts and musings, and he welcomes an intelligent discussion.  You can dip into the workings of his brain at the humble Humanist.

Then of course, Chris and I’ve put our websites there (for your express convenience!) but since we just posted about all that, I won’t ruthlessly plug our new endeavors yet again.

Enjoy!  A real motley crew, but so much good stuff.

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2 thoughts on “Shouting out.

  1. maxzografos says:

    I love your prose Ann, also checking out the Humble Humanist. Sounds intriguing..

  2. ann says:

    hehehe…thinking of you reading ron’s blog was one of the reasons i wrote this! i love it when a passive-aggressive plot comes together so swimmingly! (bwa-ah-ah!) and many thanks for the support!

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