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Spreading the deep thoughts all ’round

I know I’ve only just sent you there, but this Elephant Journal train moves a lot more quickly now that I’m a regular!

Right.  Two things then:

  1. That last post is still the same, except that some brave and amazing people have added some thoughtful, inspiring, and poignant comments below.  I really encourage you all to check out the discussion.
  2. My new post has just gone live, and maybe it’s me thinking too far out of my realm of comprehension.  I kinda expect a little backlash from the yoga community, but then, ¿quién sabe?  Have a look here, and do let me know your thoughts!

And that’s all for now.  I’ve got some great thoughts bumbling about in my brain about my next posts on here…thanks to all of you for continuing to support me and my words!

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Contend…the best you can.

Who doesn’t like Abraham Maslow?  I know this is taking most of you back to a 101 class of some sort – one of those soft sciences most likely:  Criminal Law, Psychology, Sociology, etc.  But seriously – who wouldn’t love this face?

Like Santa shaved his beard, am I right?

Something you all probably know about him is that he’s most famous for his “Hierarchy of Needs”.  Boy, I love this gem of psycho-social theory.  I don’t know if Maslow understood how much potential that little pyramid had for healing.  When I worked with young people, it featured prominently in my one-to-one work with them; when I managed, it was always on the wall in the office.

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A (really) brief history of my adulthood thus far

Almost exclusively as a result of this blog, it has become clear to me that I operate in periodic themes.  What if and why not isn’t a theme as such – it’s more of an overarching philosophy I share with Chris.  But the themes – they’re always there, sometimes obvious and glaring, other times ambiguous and cryptic. Sometimes they block my path, others they light my way.  Some examples of the themed periods of my life thus far:

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