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Look out, Modern Medicine.

This past Sunday afternoon Chris decided to go for a run, while I decided to do some yoga (nowhere near fit enough to do both in one day…one must choose).  We happened to forget that on Sundays the front door to our apartment building is locked, so we have to use a key to get in.  Since Chris forgot his, he simply buzzed – no biggie.  Thing is, our buzzer is très forte, and I was in Marichyasana C:

I look nothing like this when I do it.

The end result was that I kinda jumped – a teensy little jump – and about 24 hours later I was virtually immobile.  I’d thrown out my back, and it took the whole night and most of the following day to figure it out, but when it hit me, I knew what had happened.  The pain was awful – from the bottom of my left thigh right up into my neck.  Perhaps most annoyingly, I absolutely could not make it to my French class, which is, as I’ve mentioned previously, obligatoire.  So I had to get a doctor’s note.  But there was no point, really, in going to a doctor, because they would just refer me to an osteopath.  So we skipped ahead and went straight there.

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Shouting out.

As you may have noticed, we keep a blogroll on our WI&WN blog.  That’s nothing special – lots of bloggers keep a list of blogs on their page.  Others opt not to…maybe they worry about burdening their readers with their opinions…hahaha.

OK – bad humor aside, I just wanted to take a minute to draw your attention to our blogroll.  There’s some incredible stuff going on over there.  It’s listed alphabetically, so no preferential treatment involved…only that we’ve listed stuff we think you’re really going to like.

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Garlic, southern cooking and a new tradition.

So i guess it must have been about 10 hours after we left Manila that the first of two typhoons hit the capital.  Both were big…not sure what the death toll was when all was said and done – I think it was just under a hundred – but there are more on the way.  At the risk of sounding like a prat, for purposes of continuity I must include that this of course meant our holiday plans were not a go.  It also meant that I’d fly into Manila and have to stay there for 5 days, rather than on some isolated sunny beach.  So within the first two days of being in Oregon, my niece convinced me to check whether or not I could postpone my flight, probably to stop me moaning about how much it was going to suck. Wasn’t a problem, and didn’t cost much, so I was able to move my flight to the same day Chris would fly back, which worked out a treat.

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