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Sud-Sud-Ouest* – Photos

Following on Ann’s post about our vacation on the South West coast of France, here is a post with mostly photos of this camping/road trip through an area of France (and Spain) that neither of us had been before and it was great.
We drove 1880Kms and let’s just say we didn’t exactly follow the initial plan (why would we?!). In true grown-up style, we left with no tent, no stove and a list of potential campsites but no direction to any but one of them.

The trip involved a visit to a friend we met in the Philippines, our first ‘fête des voisins’, running on an empty beach at 6am, swimming in the Atlantique, a stolen backpack, a naturist beach, some carrot shredding, one truly great campsite, a vegan restaurant, a great city, some walking and a hail storm warning that didn’t materialised. Three of the items listed above occured at the same location, let’s see if you can figure it out (twisted suggestions welcome in the comment section below).

Fête des voisins in Bordeaux. We were not part of the neighborhood but were made to feel very welcome.

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