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Home again.

When I was 13, my family underwent a restructure of sorts.  Upper management felt that it was best for everyone if the organisation split off into two directions, and owing to financial constraints, both parties relocated.  Ergo, the home I grew up in was no longer my home.  I thought my heart would break.  It didn’t.  But it was a difficult time.  We had lived in that house for 8 years, and I had also gone to the same Catholic school for all that time.  Public high school was looming, and though I had a terrible time in my elementary/middle school, I didn’t know anything else, so I was more than a little apprehensive about what was to come.  It was the end of so many things and I was frightened; it was also the beginning of many wonderful things, but when we’re fixated on the past, it’s very hard to turn our attention to the future.

Three years later, across a continent and over a rather large “pond”, C, having recently discovered basketball, was being discovered himself.  It’s not every day in France you find a decent 6’7″ 16 year-old baller.  And so it was that he was recruited to a team near Saint Etienne and moved away from the home into which he was born.

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In the in-between…just a little bit longer.

I recently watched an interview with Elaine Stritch that the New York Times released (re-released?) after she passed away a couple of weeks ago.  There’s this moment where she says, quite intensely, like she really, really means it:  Live expectantly.

Ms. Stritch didn’t want to know what was coming her way.  She wanted it all to be a big surprise, one day to the next.  I guess that’s the life of an actor.  Living expectantly sounds romantic.  But life doesn’t just happen to us.  Most of us, I have found, are doing the best we can, which means we’re working really hard toward something or other.  So while we might be ready for all the wonderful or terrible things that may come to pass, and while we might live our lives anticipating the unknown with a sense of joy, if that unknown is going to go anywhere near the direction we’re hoping, we’ve got to put in some good old fashioned graft.  We’ve got to plan, follow through, figure out what works and what doesn’t and quite often start all over again.  And that’s not even the worst of it.

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Take it all off.

You may have noticed things have changed around here.  We decided to make a change…a little simpler, a little sexier…we’ve gone minimal.

The thing is, nobody really seemed to notice the last time we shook things up.

Ann:  (flustered) Why isn’t anybody commenting on our new theme???

Chris:  Dunno.

And I do not, I’ll have you know, go and get a nice new haircut just so I can stare in the mirror.  I am a fisher of compliments.

Ann:  Do you think they don’t like it?  Maybe it’s too close to the old one!  I mean, we put up a completely different picture, for crying out loud!

Chris:  Yeah…not sure.

Or suggestions, ideas, even a lovingly delivered critique.

Ann:  That’s got to be it.  They just haven’t noticed.  Do you think we should change it again?  But it took so long!  No, let’s leave it as-is.

Chris:  OK.

Chris – well, he’s a little more laid back than all that.  But, being that he’s all into design and packaging and what-have-you, I think it might be that he’s just supressing his true feelings on the matter.

Or not.

Do share your thoughts!  Don’t be mean!

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C’est comme ça.

C’est comme ça.  Literally, “It’s like that.”  Probably a closer English translation would be, “That’s how it goes.”  The closest thing the French have to Bahala na, and really not that far away…Where Pinoys expect the worst and hope for the best, and thereby find a sense of peace in “leaving it to [fill-in-the-blank],” the French find their own peace in knowing – in much the same way – that things simply are as they are.

We arrived in Le Puy en Velay just over two weeks ago.  The leaves were vibrant, rusty colors, just really beginning to fall, and the weather was brisk and fresh, if a bit cold.  It’s now become wetter, with rain off and on throughout most days. Chris’ mother’s roses are in their last throes.  Winter is approaching.  C’est comme ça.

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