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While your heart’s still beating…

This week on elephant journal I’m shouting out to an artist I stupidly only just heard about, Candy Chang.

Hop on over and read the article I’ve written about her extraordinary project, Before I Die, that’s somehow made its way around the globe a few times before catching my attention.

(I really can be daft sometimes, can’t I?)

And do let me know your thoughts!

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A Story.

There was a woman twenty years Chris’ folks’ senior that they knew because she was from his mother’s hometown and lived in Le Puy.  When her husband was alive, they were alone in the world as they had no children and no living family with whom they got along.  Chris’ parents helped them with everything, passing the house weekly to fix bits and bobs, help with difficult cleaning, and just be a presence.  Her husband used to be very adamant with Chris’ folks that his wife’s family was not to be trusted, and that if he were to die, they should endeavor to keep an eye on them.  He passed away in 1998, but there was no sign of any family.

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