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Decidedly Meta.

My post for Elephant Journal this week is just so meta.

Here’s what happened:  I was totally unfocused.  Couldn’t figure out what the hell to write about, and couldn’t get my head straight enough to develop any of the fleeting ideas I was having.

So I decided to write about that.  And to pay homage to a great film in my title.

It was supposed to be “Dr. Thinker: or, How I Learned to Stop Freaking Out and Love My Monkey Mind.”  I guess that was too long.  Or too Kubrick-y.  Dunno.  Editors do what they will.

Anywho, have a read here and let me know what you think!

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Spreading the deep thoughts all ’round

I know I’ve only just sent you there, but this Elephant Journal train moves a lot more quickly now that I’m a regular!

Right.  Two things then:

  1. That last post is still the same, except that some brave and amazing people have added some thoughtful, inspiring, and poignant comments below.  I really encourage you all to check out the discussion.
  2. My new post has just gone live, and maybe it’s me thinking too far out of my realm of comprehension.  I kinda expect a little backlash from the yoga community, but then, ¿quién sabe?  Have a look here, and do let me know your thoughts!

And that’s all for now.  I’ve got some great thoughts bumbling about in my brain about my next posts on here…thanks to all of you for continuing to support me and my words!

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9 thoughts on homelessness

Last week it occurred to me that, although I’d spent the better part of a decade working with homeless people, and although I’m now endeavoring to rebuild my identity as a writer, I’ve never written about homelessness.  If there’s anything I might know a tiny bit of something about, it’s gotta be that, right?

Oh, but then the subject is tender, tricky, and tenuous.  How can one know, how can one properly understand this state of the most absolute poverty, that exists everywhere, that we all so complacently accept as normalcy (most often because we must!  Because what else can we do?).

At any rate, it was the subject of my last article at Elephant Journal – do have a gander if’n you fancy, and let me know what you think!

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I’ve got news!

Well, everybody, things just keep trucking along!  While I am not yet a world renowned novelist in possession of my own island (wait for it, folks), I am officially a regular contributor.  Hehe.  How you like them apples?

The publication in question is of the online variety – Elephant Journaland they publish a whole bunch of stuff about yoga and vegetarianism and politics and life and basically everything, but a lot about yoga.  I’ve bragged about having been published there before.  So now I’m bragging about being a regular.

Elephant:  What’ll it be today, Ann?

Ann: Oh, the usual…

Check out my first post as a proper contributor…deep thoughts on one of Jonathon Safran Foer’s deep thoughts…gonna try and make a point of reflecting on others’ reflections until I know just what I think about all of it anyway.

And of course I’ll keep y’all posted with updates when my articles go live…Do let me know your thoughts!

And thanks for all the support…as soon as I get that island, you’re all invited for a luau.

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The Yoga (Every) Body

Way back in January, I started sending off queries for an article on yoga.  It was one of the first articles I pitched, when I was just getting started with this whole writing endeavor.  It was actually my mom’s idea:  debunking the myth of the skinny yogi.

The piece was dear to my heart for three reasons:  Firstly, I know how much yoga has meant to a lot of people who live in / have lived in bigger bodies (myself included).  It can be, and often is, the catalyst for an entirely different way of living life.  Secondly, I also know that it’s utterly fictitious to say that yoga cannot be practiced by any living, breathing human being (and occasionally pets…see: Karma Yoga).  Yoga isn’t just Hatha!  But even Hatha Yoga can be modified to meet the needs of just about anybody, even people with some severe disabilities.  Being bigger-bodied is by no means a disqualifier.  Finally, once I got the ball rolling, I was able to speak with a number of passionate, inspiring individuals about their practice, and about how they feel about the subject.

The article has gone live, and you can read it on Elephant Journal.

I’d also like to introduce you to some of those exceptional people who gave me a bit of their time and whose innovative, out-of-the-box thinking really inspired the piece:

Lauren Rose, LCSW, RYT, is a psychotherapist in New York.  Her brand of healing is quite literally body and soul:  she is also a yoga instructor.

Meera Patricia Kerr is the genious behind the extraordinary book Big Yoga.  She fuses all of her learning, including the teachings of her guru, Sri Swami Satchidananda, creator of Integral Yoga, into this excellent resource.

Anna Guest-Jelley is the founder of Curvy Yoga in Nashville, Tennessee.  The studio is just one part of Anna’s work – she offers online courses for students not yet ready to practice in public, and sends out regular wellbeing emails to everyone as well.

Janet Zinn is the lovely and tireless psychotherapist from New York who dropped 60 lbs., owing in part to her yoga practice.  Mind, she gave the interview whilst jogging…I don’t think I could recite half of the alphabet while jogging!  She also encourages her clients to incorporate yoga into their healing, and really walks the talk.

Tony Riposo is the founder and director of Infinite Light Yoga in Syracuse, New York, and was so passionate about this subject, I think he could have written the article far better than I did!  His studio and practice are committed to working with every sort of person, especially those with mobility issues.

Dr. Moshe Lewis is a pain rehabilitation expert in San Francisco who often “prescribes” yoga to his clients.  He understands how difficult it can be, particularly for people who’ve not had exercise as a part of their lives, to get back in tune with their bodies.

Do let me know your thoughts on the article once you get the chance!  Namaste!

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