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Goodbye and good luck, Adam.

In my youth I was a bit of a pain in the arse.  In point of fact, when I look back upon the teenager I once was, I’m often secretly relieved about our decision not to have children.  But of all the bad things I (n)ever did, listening to the Beastie Boys was never one of them.  The Beastie Boys somehow managed to be the biggest bad asses any of us knew of, while never hurting anybody.  They are politically active without pissing people off.  They are spiritually active without annoying anybody.  I never knew reading about Adam’s death would affect me so much – probably something to do with how very young he was, or how very old it makes me feel knowing he’s gone.  No clue what’ll happen next with the Beastie Boys, but it’ll never be the same…thanks for the trip Adam – you’ll never know the good times we had together.  Click here and enjoy.

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