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On Curiosity

Switzerland…home of The Sound of Music, delicious chocolate, a pretty decent chunk of the Alps, and quite a few multilingual humans.  I’ve always heard that it’s beautiful, and I’ve not been disappointed.  We’re situated on the “Gold Coast,” overlooking Zürich Lake…not a bad view at all.  And we’ve been super lucky with the weather, so that’s a bonus.  However, getting to know Boy Kid (age 10) and Girl Kid (age 7-and-3/4) for the second time around has been the best part of this week so far.

Yesterday Girl Kid informed us that curiosity was one of the four secrets of happiness.  Apparently she learned that from a series entitled Magic Tree House.  I’ve asked to borrow the book…I guess I’d forgotten how much wisdom good kid lit tends to impart…here’s one I read only once when I was 8, but it mesmerized me so much I’ve just never forgotten it.  I was never really one for re-reading books, anyway.  Now my plan is to read Magic Tree House #38:  Monday with a Mad Genius, courtesy of Girl Kid, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, courtesy of Boy Kid, before I leave to go back to France.  Apparently the latter was made into a film which I’ve never seen (not even the trailer), so it’ll be all brand-spanking-new for me.

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