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What a whole lotta love.

It’s more than a little interesting to consider all the knock-on effects of any new given thing we choose to do, or to stop doing, or to change.  For instance:  we left England because we wanted to spend a year volunteering, without the hassle of balancing work alongside our donated time.  We also wanted to explore new career opportunities, to see if there was anything in those new roles we wanted to hold tight.

Some of the outcomes were extraordinary.  Some were disappointing.  Some we haven’t fully absorbed intellectually or emotionally as yet, and are still trying to piece together.

One of the more unexpected outcomes was the direction Chris and I have taken in our careers.  I had no plans at any point from roughly the age of 16 to try to write professionally, and yet here I am.  Chris had given up on the world of IT more or less right after the Dot Com Crash in the early Naughties, and yet here he is.

And, of course, there’s this blog – What If and Why Not – a question and a statement and a quest, I suppose – the brainchild of a childless-by-choice couple, born out of a need to update friends and family, to make sense of the crazy decision we’d just taken, and, eventually (particularly for me), to write.  What we didn’t expect was the community that would form around us:  bloggers we’ve come to admire and respect and learn from constantly, readers who would make a point of reading us virtually every time we posted.  We didn’t expect that perfect strangers thousands of miles away would be able to raise our spirits, give us food for thought, empathise and propose solutions.

One such extraordinary character can be found here on WordPress.  She goes by Colgore on here, but I’m pretty sure most folks call her Coleen.  She’s a yoga instructor by day and a word whittler by night (or the other way around?  I’m not sure.  Time differences, you know), and she absolutely. Cracks. Me. Up.  She also makes me think, and she also comes over here to What If and Why Not to make us feel good about what we’ve got going on.  What she’s got going on is called Prana and Peaches, and for whatever reason, she digs us enough to have nominated us for a bright and shiny:

Isn’t it purdy?

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I’m so excited.

You know how activists and actors and artists are always saying at the end of big projects what an honor it was, how excellent it was, how proud they were to be part of it?  I’ve always wanted to say that.  So here goes:

Max Zografos just finished his second book, get.RID, and it was such an honor, so excellent…I am really so proud to have been a part of it!

In all honesty, my part was minuscule – I edited it, for which I really should have donated my services because I actually got to read this incredible book for free!

Click here!

Honestly, the book is fantastic.  Max presents a way at looking at the world around us that is completely unlike anything I’ve ever read before.  He brought together a group of people from the Philippines, U.S., France, and Serbia (not to mention the author himself, a Greek man living in London!) completely online using crowdsourcing to bring the book to its fruition.

Most importantly, though, the book is the product of a complete shift in his consciousness…he lets us into his world of epiphanies, failures, aspirations and life changes.  But he’s no pushover:  he makes some bold statements about the world around him – that means all of us – that give pause for thought.

And his blog is alive and well, so you can get on there to sing his praises – or passionately disagree with him – on any point he makes!

I realize this is a shameless plug for a book I worked on, so don’t take my word for it:  Alain de Botton even called it, “very pithy and full of unexpected swerves of argument.”  For real.  The Alain de Botton.

Gitcher hands on a copy – or gitcher new-fangled e-copy, because it’s available paperless too – and let me know your thoughts!

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On Advice, Solicited or Otherwise

After class I tend to find myself walking home with one of the dozen or so other stagiaires (students) in my class.  We’re an eclectic lot:  I’ve had classmates from China, India, Chechnya, Russia, Bosnia, Morocco, Tunisia, and even the U.S. of A. – not counting little ol’ me.  Today I walked home with M, here less than a month with her son from Ukraine.  She asked if she could use our Internet to open a document she couldn’t from home, which wasn’t a problem.  I texted Chris to let him know.

“Your husband’s home?” she asked. I said he was.  “I don’t like men,” she replied (with a smile).

“Oh, I dunno,” I said, “I know a lot of them are a pain, but I really love my partner.  And we’ve been together a long time now – I think I know him pretty well.”

“You’re young,” she retorted.  “Just wait – you’ll see.”

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On Curiosity

Switzerland…home of The Sound of Music, delicious chocolate, a pretty decent chunk of the Alps, and quite a few multilingual humans.  I’ve always heard that it’s beautiful, and I’ve not been disappointed.  We’re situated on the “Gold Coast,” overlooking Zürich Lake…not a bad view at all.  And we’ve been super lucky with the weather, so that’s a bonus.  However, getting to know Boy Kid (age 10) and Girl Kid (age 7-and-3/4) for the second time around has been the best part of this week so far.

Yesterday Girl Kid informed us that curiosity was one of the four secrets of happiness.  Apparently she learned that from a series entitled Magic Tree House.  I’ve asked to borrow the book…I guess I’d forgotten how much wisdom good kid lit tends to impart…here’s one I read only once when I was 8, but it mesmerized me so much I’ve just never forgotten it.  I was never really one for re-reading books, anyway.  Now my plan is to read Magic Tree House #38:  Monday with a Mad Genius, courtesy of Girl Kid, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, courtesy of Boy Kid, before I leave to go back to France.  Apparently the latter was made into a film which I’ve never seen (not even the trailer), so it’ll be all brand-spanking-new for me.

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